Jfs Reception

Since 1918, Jewish Family Service of San Diego has been a trusted community resource for individuals and families in times of need. A dinner was held to thank supporters of Jewish Family Service who is always a lifeline for someone in need. Friends and family enjoyed a lovely evening mingling as the sun set and a beautiful autumn evening set in.

Bob Rubenstein  Marie Raftery And Michael Hopkins 19716 300 600 80 Bob Rubenstein Marie Raftery and Michael Hopkins
Chris And Emily Jennewein With Troy And Tricia Morrison 19717 300 600 80 Chris and Emily Jennewein with Troy and Tricia Morrison
Claire And David Ellman 19718 300 600 80 Claire and David Ellman
Ed And Pamela Carnot With Merrill And Bob Haimsohn 19719 300 600 80 Ed and Pamela Carnot with Merrill and Bob Haimsohn
Gary And Lisa Levine With Liz And Dan Coden 19720 300 600 80 Gary and Lisa Levine with Liz and Dan Coden
Gary And Lisa Levine 19721 300 600 80 Gary and Lisa Levine
Liz And Dan Coden 19722 300 600 80 Liz and Dan Coden
Liz Coden And Hanna Gleiberman 19723 300 600 80 Liz Coden and Hanna Gleiberman
M.T. And Jim Schaeffer 19724 300 600 80 M.T. and Jim Schaeffer
Mary  James And Leah Nierman With Jon Fuller 19725 300 600 80 Mary James and Leah Nierman with Jon Fuller
Mathew And April Fink 19726 300 600 80 Mathew and April Fink
Matthew And Beverly Scarano 19727 300 600 80 Matthew and Beverly Scarano
Michael And Tali Abramson 19728 300 600 80 Michael and Tali Abramson
Naima Solomon  Jason Bercovitzh And Ron Zolman 19729 300 600 80 Naima Solomon Jason Bercovitzh and Ron Zolman
Ronnie Diamond  Lara Diamond Phillips And Tate 19730 300 600 80 Ronnie Diamond Lara Diamond Phillips and Tate
Stanley And Ruth Westreich 19731 300 600 80 Stanley and Ruth Westreich

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