Alexander And Helen Shpaner With Mae And Sam Elsheik

Benefitting the American Liver Foundation, Flavors of San Diego treated guests to a dining experience they will not soon forget while allowing them to take part in the organization’s mission to help those living with liver disease. During the multi-course meal, attendees watched as top local chefs created culinary works of art that were presented beautifully, and tasted just as good!


A beneficio de American Liver Foundation, Flavors of San Diego ofreció a sus invitados una experiencia culinaria inolvidable y a la vez oportunidad de colaborar con la misión de la institución, ayudando a personas que padecen enfermedades hepáticas. Durante la cena de varios platos, los comensales pudieron presenciar artísticas y exquisitas creaciones a cargo de los más importantes chefs locales.

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

Alexander And Helen Shpaner With Mae And Sam Elsheik 24845 300 600 80 Alexander and Helen Shpaner with Mae and Sam Elsheik
Annie Wang And Robert Gish 24846 300 600 80 Annie Wang and Robert Gish
Caroline Yen  David Weinman And Alissa Speziale 24847 300 600 80 Caroline Yen David Weinman and Alissa Speziale
Daniel Zlokas And Shelley Rademaker 24848 300 600 80 Daniel Zlokas and Shelley Rademaker
Jeff And Paulina Chatfield 24849 300 600 80 Jeff and Paulina Chatfield
Jon And Stephanie Wooding 24850 300 600 80 Jon and Stephanie Wooding
Natalie Navarro And Michel Mendler 24851 300 600 80 Natalie Navarro and Michel Mendler
Puga Chitkara And Adla Tessier 24852 300 600 80 Puga Chitkara and Adla Tessier
Robin Mingo And Deborah Roberts 24853 300 600 80 Robin Mingo and Deborah Roberts
Robin Soto  Summer Collier And Annie Han 24854 300 600 80 Robin Soto Summer Collier and Annie Han
Tim And Yuki Rosenkeltter 24855 300 600 80 Tim and Yuki Rosenkeltter
Aina Eill And Lena Frankul 24991 300 600 80 Aina Eill and Lena Frankul
Alan Bier  Anthony Baini  Stacy Hrountan With Tricia And Mohsan Khaleghi 24992 300 600 80 Alan Bier Anthony Baini Stacy Hrountan with Tricia and Mohsan Khaleghi
Barbara Andrews And Lisa Richards 24993 300 600 80 Barbara Andrews and Lisa Richards
Bridget And Tyler Waters 24994 300 600 80 Bridget and Tyler Waters
Gary And Lori Parker 24995 300 600 80 Gary and Lori Parker
Hilary Gallagher And Mohamed Bari 24996 300 600 80 Hilary Gallagher and Mohamed Bari
Jean Pinski And Teresa Barett 24997 300 600 80 Jean Pinski and Teresa Barett
Katie And Tom Krumenacker 24998 300 600 80 Katie and Tom Krumenacker
Laura Mellone And Marcus Safar 24999 300 600 80 Laura Mellone and Marcus Safar
Mario And Linda Sierra 25000 300 600 80 Mario and Linda Sierra
Nicolas Villamil And Tyler Smith 25001 300 600 80 Nicolas Villamil and Tyler Smith
Parisa Sanandagi And Noelle Frank 25002 300 600 80 Parisa Sanandagi and Noelle Frank
Puga Chitkara And Rohit Loomba 25003 300 600 80 Puga Chitkara and Rohit Loomba
RB And Cheryl Johnson With Tom Nealon 25004 300 600 80 RB and Cheryl Johnson with Tom Nealon
Rohit Loomba  Michel Mendler  Summer Collier And Robin Soto 25005 300 600 80 Rohit Loomba Michel Mendler Summer Collier and Robin Soto
Tommy Yen And Paulo Guillinta 25006 300 600 80 Tommy Yen and Paulo Guillinta

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