In support of hundreds of children and parents who benefit from their services, Father Joe’s Villages held their 34th Annual Children’s Charity Gala. The Up, Up & Away themed gala honored those who have been fundamental in helping them change lives including Franklin Antonio, Cathedral Catholic High School, St. Augustine High School, and James Mulvaney, Sr. and the Mulvaney Family.

Claire Reiss And Kyle Hunt 22490 300 600 80 Claire Reiss and Kyle Hunt
Deacon Jim Vargas And Fran Vargas 22491 300 600 80 Deacon Jim Vargas and Fran Vargas
Deacon Jim Vargas  Fran Vargas  Ariel Zack  Jackie Vargas Jones And Joe Jones 22492 300 600 80 Deacon Jim Vargas Fran Vargas Ariel Zack Jackie Vargas Jones and Joe Jones
Father Joe Carroll And Bishop Robert McElroy 22493 300 600 80 Father Joe Carroll and Bishop Robert McElroy
Franklin Antonio  Joe Ergastolo With Mario And Anna Scipione 22494 300 600 80 Franklin Antonio Joe Ergastolo with Mario and Anna Scipione
Gina Bressinger And Kenny Knopman 22495 300 600 80 Gina Bressinger and Kenny Knopman
James And Charity Settineri With Joana And Philip Curtis 22496 300 600 80 James and Charity Settineri with Joana and Philip Curtis
Jen Burrell  Celia Schleyhahn With Mark And Kristy Baron 22497 300 600 80 Jen Burrell Celia Schleyhahn with Mark and Kristy Baron
Jim Ogilvie  Barbara Menard  Michelle Doyle  Father Martin Latiff And Sean Doyle 22498 300 600 80 Jim Ogilvie Barbara Menard Michelle Doyle Father Martin Latiff and Sean Doyle
Joe And Colleen Ergastolo 22499 300 600 80 Joe and Colleen Ergastolo
Kia Howard And Kimberly Baroz 22500 300 600 80 Kia Howard and Kimberly Baroz
Kristin And Mark Wiggins 22501 300 600 80 Kristin and Mark Wiggins
Mary And Lincoln Ward With Ruth Mulvaney 22502 300 600 80 Mary and Lincoln Ward with Ruth Mulvaney
Maureen King And Kathy Melican 22503 300 600 80 Maureen King and Kathy Melican
Michael And Isabel Rafferty 22504 300 600 80 Michael and Isabel Rafferty
Peggy Keck  Michael Gaulden And Allan Keck 22505 300 600 80 Peggy Keck Michael Gaulden and Allan Keck
Wendy Endsley And Colleen Ergastolo 22506 300 600 80 Wendy Endsley and Colleen Ergastolo
Arezo And Victor Botello 22507 300 600 80 Arezo and Victor Botello
Bart And Kristy Schubert 22508 300 600 80 Bart and Kristy Schubert
Bob Kilian  Kathleen Slayton And Bill And Katie Bolstad 22509 300 600 80 Bob Kilian Kathleen Slayton and Bill and Katie Bolstad
Caleb And Sheila McKinley With Katie And Bill Bolstad 22510 300 600 80 Caleb and Sheila McKinley with Katie and Bill Bolstad

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