Fashion, elegance and philanthropy came together for the Patrons of the Prado’s Gown Event. Guests mingled while enjoying champagne and hors d’oeuvres before watching the breathtaking fashion show, which was followed by shopping. Proceeds from the event benefitted Bucks4Buses, enabling underserved students to attend and participate in art programs at Balboa Park.

Christina Jordan And Roxi Link 21626 300 600 80 Christina Jordan and Roxi Link
Christina Maggiora  Madeline And Kathryn Vaughn 21627 300 600 80 Christina Maggiora Madeline and Kathryn Vaughn
DeAnn Cary  Nancy Laturno And Kelley Grant 21628 300 600 80 DeAnn Cary Nancy Laturno and Kelley Grant
Ellen Bryson And Elizabeth Cottrell 21629 300 600 80 Ellen Bryson and Elizabeth Cottrell
Helene Gould And Arlene Esgate 21630 300 600 80 Helene Gould and Arlene Esgate
Helene Gould  Sara Napoli And Stephanie Brown 21631 300 600 80 Helene Gould Sara Napoli and Stephanie Brown
Holly Martin Bollard And Allison Ferrera 21632 300 600 80 Holly Martin Bollard and Allison Ferrera
Jan Reital And Judi Freeman 21633 300 600 80 Jan Reital and Judi Freeman
Lisa Culver  Lisa Arnold And Lorena Ray 21634 300 600 80 Lisa Culver Lisa Arnold and Lorena Ray
Lola Green And Barbara McColl 21635 300 600 80 Lola Green and Barbara McColl
Merridee Book And Alexandra Jameson 21636 300 600 80 Merridee Book and Alexandra Jameson
Miriam Summ  Reinette Levine And Anita Crider 21637 300 600 80 Miriam Summ Reinette Levine and Anita Crider
Monika Nochisaki  Joan Peters And Carlana Maduza 21638 300 600 80 Monika Nochisaki Joan Peters and Carlana Maduza
Nancie Geller  Phylicia Cicalo Aiken And Ginny Jensen 21639 300 600 80 Nancie Geller Phylicia Cicalo Aiken and Ginny Jensen
Phyllis Parrish  Teresa Castiglione And Cristull Hasson 21640 300 600 80 Phyllis Parrish Teresa Castiglione and Cristull Hasson

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