Jewish Community

A special event only for donors, lenders, and special friends, the San Diego History Center hosted an exclusive exhibition opening of The History and Heritage of San Diego’s Jewish Community. The exhibit was on display so these honored guests could view the remarkable history of San Diego’s Jewish Community while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. The evening was in preparation of their upcoming gala on June 10.

Joe Fisch  Joyce Axelrod  Emily And Dave Einhorn 17566 175 125 100 Joe Fisch Joyce Axelrod Emily and Dave Einhorn Kara Jennings  Meg Mandel And Melissa Chapman 17567 175 125 100 Kara Jennings Meg Mandel and Melissa Chapman Lisa Kalal And Andrea Oster 17568 175 125 100 Lisa Kalal and Andrea Oster
Luis And Sally Maizel 17569 175 125 100 Luis and Sally Maizel Paige Pick And Laura Hurvitz 17570 175 125 100 Paige Pick and Laura Hurvitz Patti Nussbaum  Doris White And Rita Cohen 17571 175 125 100 Patti Nussbaum Doris White and Rita Cohen
Rabbi David Singer And Michael Sonduck 17572 175 125 100 Rabbi David Singer and Michael Sonduck Rose Schindler Roxanne Katz And Norman Katz 17573 175 125 100 Rose Schindler Roxanne Katz and Norman Katz Simon And Celia Glezer 17574 175 125 100 Simon and Celia Glezer
Sonia And Andy Israel 17575 175 125 100 Sonia and Andy Israel Beth Sirull  Patti Fuller  Jeremy Pearl And Lisa Colbert 17576 175 125 100 Beth Sirull Patti Fuller Jeremy Pearl and Lisa Colbert Debbie Cushman Parrish And Tom Fetter 17577 175 125 100 Debbie Cushman Parrish and Tom Fetter
Henry And Sophie Haimsohn 17578 175 125 100 Henry and Sophie Haimsohn Herb Soloman And Elaine Galinson 17579 175 125 100 Herb Soloman and Elaine Galinson  

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