Parents and children come to Rady Children’s Hospital from across the country to see nationally renowned physicians, and their focus on research, teaching and innovation in helping patients to receive state-of-the-art care. Thanks to volunteers who share a deep love and concern for children, this hospital is able to achieve great things!The San Diego Center for Children received some Christmas cheer this year from Mission Federal Credit Union. They didn’t simply donate the trees, they made an event out of it by decorating the twelve trees with Center staff and the children who live there. The San Diego Center for Children provides intensive therapeutic care and acts as a temporary home for children of our region.The traditional highlight of the holiday season for collectors and connoisseurs of fine jewelry and timepieces, Vahid Moradi, owner of CJ Charles, hosted his annual holiday party. The fine catered affaire was the hot ticket in town as guests came to browse the new collections and choose gifts for their loved ones, or even themselves!

Catherine Mackey  Fiona And Stephen Kingsmore With Mary Fagan 16502 300 600 80 Catherine Mackey Fiona and Stephen Kingsmore with Mary Fagan
Daniela Carvalho And Diego Miralles 16503 300 600 80 Daniela Carvalho and Diego Miralles
Dave Snyder  Donald Kearns And Ted Roth 16504 300 600 80 Dave Snyder Donald Kearns and Ted Roth
David Hale  Scott Wolffe  Anita And Todd Laird 16505 300 600 80 David Hale Scott Wolffe Anita and Todd Laird
Erin Parks  Barbara Brown And Carlee Harmonson 16506 300 600 80 Erin Parks Barbara Brown and Carlee Harmonson
Hank And Robin Nordhoff With Oakley 16507 300 600 80 Hank and Robin Nordhoff with Oakley
Jan McGowan  Phyllis Snyder And Sherry Beckhart 16508 300 600 80 Jan McGowan Phyllis Snyder and Sherry Beckhart
Joan Edwards  Steve Jennings And Deborah Oliver 16509 300 600 80 Joan Edwards Steve Jennings and Deborah Oliver
John And Anne Gilchrist 16510 300 600 80 John and Anne Gilchrist
Mary Reynolds  Cheryl Steinhlot  Vellet Wyatt Finley And Harriet Bossenbroek 16511 300 600 80 Mary Reynolds Cheryl Steinhlot Vellet Wyatt Finley and Harriet Bossenbroek
Michael Peckham  Jane And Bill Hamlin  Blair Sadler 16512 300 600 80 Michael Peckham Jane and Bill Hamlin Blair Sadler
Rady S Auxiliary Members 16513 300 600 80 Rady s Auxiliary Members



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