Red Binacional

Red Binacional de Corazones, or International Network of Hearts, is a non-profit that provides support to children who have been victims of human trafficking. Their recent event, Cóctel de Bienvenida, honored the authorities who have contributed their resources to help end child trafficking. An elegant evening, the Cóctel de Bienvenida promoted their combined efforts to make a difference.

Apoyando la causa Claudia De Leon Enrique Gonzalez y Lorena Lomeli Gabriela Gaxiola y Medina Angel
Ilia Echeverria y Cathya Guitierrez Ilia Echeverria Eduardo Rodriguez y Cathya Guitierrez Irma Romero Tania Belloso Veronica Sanchez y Luisa Fernanda Soto
Lawrence Tucker Alma Tucker and Lawrence Tucker Sr. Lopez Guerrero y Perla Padilla Yadira Whitney Alma Tucker Gabriela Orihuela

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