Dream On

Reuniting foster children with their siblings, helping them achieve their higher education goals, and so much more, Promises2Kids has made an impact on the lives of many. Last year, they were able to help1,000 foster children. This year, their 9th Annual Dream On Concert Gala was held to continue to support these efforts with an incredible performance by rock legends STYX.

Irene And Russell Kern 18674 300 600 80 Irene and Russell Kern
Kimberly And Ryan Herrell 18675 300 600 80 Kimberly and Ryan Herrell
Kristina And Marc Chase 18676 300 600 80 Kristina and Marc Chase
Maria Delgado And Jolane Crawford 18677 300 600 80 Maria Delgado and Jolane Crawford
Papa Doug And Geniya Manchester 18678 300 600 80 Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester
Raegan And Kevin Prior   Tanya Torosian With David And Eileen Hoppen 18679 300 600 80 Raegan and Kevin Prior Tanya Torosian with David and Eileen Hoppen
Reem And Scott Sinnett 18680 300 600 80 Reem and Scott Sinnett
Richard Esgate  Vicki Eddy And Bob Salt 18681 300 600 80 Richard Esgate Vicki Eddy and Bob Salt
Richene Brainard And Rick Bevilaqua 18682 300 600 80 Richene Brainard and Rick Bevilaqua
Ruben Islas And Nadia Gastelum 18683 300 600 80 Ruben Islas and Nadia Gastelum
Stephanie Brown And Maiken Eriksson Domingue 18684 300 600 80 Stephanie Brown and Maiken Eriksson Domingue
Tess Page And Rob Pedersen 18685 300 600 80 Tess Page and Rob Pedersen
Tony And Theresa DiVita With Bob Morris 18686 300 600 80 Tony and Theresa DiVita with Bob Morris
Tonya Torosian And Jolene Perry 18687 300 600 80 Tonya Torosian and Jolene Perry

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