Giving Back Magazine is proud to be a Sponsor and Partner for the 6th year in a row of Día de Alegría Luncheon to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of San Diego. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Monica Fimbres, and Elisa Jaime, Día de Alegría was a sold-out success. Latinas and Friends from our bi-national region enjoyed a special luncheon at the Westgate Hotel all while helping raise funds to further the House's mission to ensure families in need have a "home away from home" during their child's medical crisis.

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All Smiles 22820 300 600 80 All smiles
Alva Aceves And Lorena Bustamante 22821 300 600 80 Alva Aceves and Lorena Bustamante
Christina Karl And Moe Razi 22822 300 600 80 Christina Karl and Moe Razi
Co Founders Esther Rodriguez And Danitza Villanueva With Co Chairs Elisa Jaime And Monica Fimbres   22823 300 600 80 Co Founders Esther Rodriguez and Danitza Villanueva with Co Chairs Elisa Jaime and Monica Fimbres
Dana Alkasmi  Kat Cowling And Ruth Melero 22824 300 600 80 Dana Alkasmi Kat Cowling and Ruth Melero
Dana Alkasmi  Maria Assaraf And Ruth Melero 22825 300 600 80 Dana Alkasmi Maria Assaraf and Ruth Melero
Darci Alvarez And Jennifer Gramins 22826 300 600 80 Darci Alvarez and Jennifer Gramins
Doreen Roohanipur And Kathy Herrick 22827 300 600 80 Doreen Roohanipur and Kathy Herrick
Emaluisa Serhan  Kat Cowling And Nika Samimi 22828 300 600 80 Emaluisa Serhan Kat Cowling and Nika Samimi
Florencia Gomez Gerbi And Sylvie Coulange 22829 300 600 80 Florencia Gomez Gerbi and Sylvie Coulange
Jacoi Woolley  Yolanda Ortiz And Soccoro Fimbres 22830 300 600 80 Jacoi Woolley Yolanda Ortiz and Soccoro Fimbres
Luz Elena Gomez And Kimberly Gomez 22831 300 600 80 Luz Elena Gomez and Kimberly Gomez
Margaux Stack Babich And Christina Martinez 22832 300 600 80 Margaux Stack Babich and Christina Martinez
Marie Cunning  Elisa Jaime And Rosie Ponn 22833 300 600 80 Marie Cunning Elisa Jaime and Rosie Ponn
Marina Minasian  Fernanda Whitworth And Phan Kaffka 22834 300 600 80 Marina Minasian Fernanda Whitworth and Phan Kaffka
Mary Drake  Sarah Sleeper  Tamara Lafarga Joseph And Susan Mulzet 22835 300 600 80 Mary Drake Sarah Sleeper Tamara Lafarga Joseph and Susan Mulzet
Mayra Velazquez Delon  Iris Vildosola  Mari Carmen Castellanos And Alicia Luken 22836 300 600 80 Mayra Velazquez Delon Iris Vildosola Mari Carmen Castellanos and Alicia Luken
Michele Moon And Marie Green 22837 300 600 80 Michele Moon and Marie Green
Monica Fimbres And Elisa Jaime 22838 300 600 80 Monica Fimbres and Elisa Jaime
Monica Fimbres And Rosella Fimbres 22839 300 600 80 Monica Fimbres and Rosella Fimbres
Nicole Velasquez  Caroline Brann And Marie Cunning 22840 300 600 80 Nicole Velasquez Caroline Brann and Marie Cunning
Nury Negrete And Sylvia Fimbres 22841 300 600 80 Nury Negrete and Sylvia Fimbres
Polly Liew  Claire Reiss And Linda Masters 22842 300 600 80 Polly Liew Claire Reiss and Linda Masters
Rocio Flynn  Ruth Melero And Kat Cowling 22843 300 600 80 Rocio Flynn Ruth Melero and Kat Cowling
Rosie Ponn And Rachel Ponn 22844 300 600 80 Rosie Ponn and Rachel Ponn
Sandy Callan  Miriam Smotrich And Juanita De La Torre 22845 300 600 80 Sandy Callan Miriam Smotrich and Juanita De La Torre
Sonia Miranda  Maria Escalante And Maria Escalante 22846 300 600 80 Sonia Miranda Maria Escalante and Maria Escalante
Stacy Alegria And Alexandra Delon 22847 300 600 80 Stacy Alegria and Alexandra Delon
Stephanie Kourie And Abeer Hage 22848 300 600 80 Stephanie Kourie and Abeer Hage
Supporting The Cause 22849 300 600 80 Supporting the cause
Yanula Ramirez And Lalita Angeles 22850 300 600 80 Yanula Ramirez and Lalita Angeles
Yolanda Ortiz  Alita Cervantez And Sandy Murphy 22851 300 600 80 Yolanda Ortiz Alita Cervantez and Sandy Murphy

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