In support of their mission to conduct critical diabetes research revolving around preventing, curing and improving the lives of those with the disease, the Diabetes Research Connection hosted The Del Mar Dance for Diabetes. Guest enjoyed an evening at the Del Mar Plaza overlooking the ocean. This event featured live music and dancing all while raising necessary funds to support their mission.

Andrea Becsey And Peter Tobiason 24610 300 600 80 Andrea Becsey and Peter Tobiason
CC King And Anne Lacey 24611 300 600 80 CC King and Anne Lacey
Cecilia Post  Stacey Bonham  Jeff Robin  Sherry Ahern And John Burd 24612 300 600 80 Cecilia Post Stacey Bonham Jeff Robin Sherry Ahern and John Burd
Claudia Johnson And Stacey Bonham 24613 300 600 80 Claudia Johnson and Stacey Bonham
David And Lisa Michaels 24614 300 600 80 David and Lisa Michaels
Jose Fernandez And Deidra Buddin 24615 300 600 80 Jose Fernandez and Deidra Buddin
Jose Rosillo  Kevin Ahern And Ruben Gutierrez 24616 300 600 80 Jose Rosillo Kevin Ahern and Ruben Gutierrez
Jovan And Dawn Hollins 24617 300 600 80 Jovan and Dawn Hollins
JR Mansfield  Dawn Verdugo And Kirt Shuldberg 24618 300 600 80 JR Mansfield Dawn Verdugo and Kirt Shuldberg
Lisa Michaels  Lynn Valentine And Pieper Underwood 24619 300 600 80 Lisa Michaels Lynn Valentine and Pieper Underwood
Lorena And Richard Esparza With Sherry Winkler 24620 300 600 80 Lorena and Richard Esparza with Sherry Winkler
Ludvina Nevarez  Christina Jordan And Mark Charlebois 24621 300 600 80 Ludvina Nevarez Christina Jordan and Mark Charlebois
Noah Schultz And Candace Flaherty 24622 300 600 80 Noah Schultz and Candace Flaherty
Robby Barbaro And Setareh Khatibi 24623 300 600 80 Robby Barbaro and Setareh Khatibi
Sam Hardage  Sherry Ahern And Vivian Hardage 24624 300 600 80 Sam Hardage Sherry Ahern and Vivian Hardage
Sherry Ahern With Emily And Daniel Einhorn 24625 300 600 80 Sherry Ahern with Emily and Daniel Einhorn
Sherry Winkler  Tonya Mantooth And David Bennett 24626 300 600 80 Sherry Winkler Tonya Mantooth and David Bennett

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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