Girl Scouts San Diego’s Cool Women Luncheon was an exciting event celebrating local female leaders. Community leaders and female executives answered questions from Emerging Leader Girl Scouts during the mentoring session and later attended the luncheon to recognize these girls and this year’s Cool Women nominees. The event was held at a lovely bayside venue with views of downtown making for a perfect backdrop.

Heather Giammarinaro  Maddison Nocon And Nanette Styer 22246 300 600 80 Heather Giammarinaro Maddison Nocon and Nanette Styer
Jenny Bratt And Merle Brodie 22247 300 600 80 Jenny Bratt and Merle Brodie
Katherine Stuart And Ronie Nelson 22248 300 600 80 Katherine Stuart and Ronie Nelson
Molly McKellar  Carolin Botzenhardt And Katharine Ingledew 22249 300 600 80 Molly McKellar Carolin Botzenhardt and Katharine Ingledew
Nickie Behdin And Sara Napoli 22250 300 600 80 Nickie Behdin and Sara Napoli
Pamela Carson  Danielle Gonzalez  Shannan Doane And Cristina Espinoza 22251 300 600 80 Pamela Carson Danielle Gonzalez Shannan Doane and Cristina Espinoza
Sarah Mauricio And Sadie Neville 22252 300 600 80 Sarah Mauricio and Sadie Neville
Taylor Cloutier  Navyaa Sinha And Sofia Christensen 22253 300 600 80 Taylor Cloutier Navyaa Sinha and Sofia Christensen
Tom And Julie Karlo  Consuela Steward And Joie Parmenter 22254 300 600 80 Tom and Julie Karlo Consuela Steward and Joie Parmenter
Academy Of Our Lady Of Peace 22255 300 600 80 Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Alina Ho And Councilmember Barbara Bry 22256 300 600 80 Alina Ho and Councilmember Barbara Bry
Angie Lasagna  Amira Walia And Ronson Shamoun 22257 300 600 80 Angie Lasagna Amira Walia and Ronson Shamoun
Arlene Harris And Sue Major 22258 300 600 80 Arlene Harris and Sue Major
Carolina Chavez And Denice Garcia 22259 300 600 80 Carolina Chavez and Denice Garcia

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