The Salk Institute recently hosted a signing ceremony for a $1.5 million research grant from NANOS, a company based in the Republic of Korea. The funds will establish a dedicated laboratory for Alzheimer’s research at Salk. Almost 50 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s, an aging-related neurodegenerative disorder that results in severe memory loss and cognitive decline. Members of the company as well as Salk’s top leadership were part of this momentous occasion.

Alex Nyung  Leslie Williams And Tony Toranto 22813 300 600 80 Alex Nyung Leslie Williams and Tony Toranto
Daniel Lewis And Ki Tae Kim 22814 300 600 80 Daniel Lewis and Ki Tae Kim
Justin Kim And Jin Ho Haan 22815 300 600 80 Justin Kim and Jin Ho Haan
Kristina Grifantini And Jason Seo 22816 300 600 80 Kristina Grifantini and Jason Seo
Kurt Marek  Tari Suprapto And Martin Hetzer 22817 300 600 80 Kurt Marek Tari Suprapto and Martin Hetzer
Salk And Nanos Launch The Alzheimers Laboratory 22818 300 600 80 Salk and Nanos launch the Alzheimers Laboratory
Seon Gil Yang And Rusty Gage 22819 300 600 80 Seon Gil Yang and Rusty Gage

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