Clear Shelters

Animal shelters across the county teamed up with NBC and Telemundo stations to find loving homes for pets in need. Fees were waived at the third annual Clear the Shelters event, a nationwide pet adoption initiative with had local participation from San Diego Humane Society, Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego, San Diego House Rabbit Society and more.

Clear The Shelters San Diego 19684 300 600 80 Clear The Shelters San Diego
Esteban Villanueva With The Telemundo Team 19685 300 600 80 Esteban Villanueva with the Telemundo Team
Gary Weitzman And Lisa Murphy 19686 300 600 80 Gary Weitzman and Lisa Murphy
Kelli Schry And Dagmar Midcap 19687 300 600 80 Kelli Schry and Dagmar Midcap

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