Car Party

To kick off a weekend of motoring events for the Concours d’ Elegance, car enthusiasts attended an exclusive party at The Lot in La Jolla. Throughout the night, guests enjoyed an indulgent scotch tasting and the display of many luxury vehicles. Thanks to supporters such as CJ Charles Jewelers the celebration helped raise money for Monarch School and the La Jolla Historical Society.

Abbey Gibb and Angie Lasagna Abbey Gibb and John Fiske Adolfo and Max Fastlicht
Alejandra Pitashny and Carlos Wellman Angie Lasagna and Richard Farler Armone Sullivan and Chuck Myers
Charles Butler and Brianna Scott Danesh Derissi Vahid Moradi and Safa Mahzari Daniel Burgess and Tom Byars
David Weiner Lina Miller and Nicholas Sterling King Davidson Eddy Clarke Tara Tarrant Tony Renda and Vahid Moradi Emir Moussavian and Vahid Moradi
Harry Cooper and Jerry Pikolysky IMG 7499 IMG 7552
Jules and Michelle Arthur with Roberta and Bill Shrimpton Julie and Jason Gilevski Lina Miller and Nicholas Sterling King Davidson
Maria Fernanda Chousal Brianna Ahern and Marlena Freeman Marilyn and Greg Noonan Marissa Rubio and Robert Mackey
Ryan and Andrew Sheila Fortune and Joan Waitt Vahid Moradi Danesh Derissi and Safa Mahzari
Vernon Honore and Esther Brock Veronica Martin and Mark Scialdone Victor Villaplana Mark Fleischman Burl East and Robert Doede

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