Children’s Nature Retreat in Alpine celebrated its’ 1st Anniversary with a fun filled party. Guests enjoyed an afternoon of games, prizes, birthday cake and more. It has been a busy year, they now have more than 120 animals, two new Halfinger horses, a Sulcata tortoise and two desert tortoises, goats, peacocks and parrots that needed homes. The Children’s Nature Retreat Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and their families. The Retreat is an intimate setting where guests can interact with these loving animals.

Agnes Barrelet And Natalie Jackson WithCypress 21576 300 600 80 Agnes Barrelet and Natalie Jackson withCypress
Andrea Esagian With Vincent And Bruce 21577 300 600 80 Andrea Esagian with Vincent and Bruce
Delphine  Solene And Luc Trahand 21578 300 600 80 Delphine Solene and Luc Trahand
Eileen Floyd And Agnes Barrelet 21579 300 600 80 Eileen Floyd and Agnes Barrelet
Hegui Vanocur And Alyssah Cardona 21580 300 600 80 Hegui Vanocur and Alyssah Cardona
IMG 6831 21581 300 600 80 IMG 6831
Jim Jiao  Paola Hernandez Jiao With Alessandra 21582 300 600 80 Jim Jiao Paola Hernandez Jiao with Alessandra
Juliana Parsons  Nicole Kimmey  Natalie Norwood  Virginia Norwood And Max 21583 300 600 80 Juliana Parsons Nicole Kimmey Natalie Norwood Virginia Norwood and Max
Liza Aloisio And Aven With Rita Bocaya And Kalana 21584 300 600 80 Liza Aloisio and Aven with Rita Bocaya and Kalana
Ludmila Kennedy And Nicolas 21585 300 600 80 Ludmila Kennedy and Nicolas
Natalie Campbell  Colin Sullivan And Zayden 21586 300 600 80 Natalie Campbell Colin Sullivan and Zayden
The Hogate Family 21587 300 600 80 The Hogate Family
The Landis Family 21588 300 600 80 The Landis Family

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