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The beautiful greens of the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo were filled with philanthropic golfers supporting Volunteers of America Southwest for their 18th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. In addition to a challenging yet enjoyable round of golf, sponsors partook in an auction as well as raffles all benefitting the mission to change the lives of vulnerable individuals by providing services and tools to improve their quality of life.

Aly Bright And Jack Berkman 19753 300 600 80 Aly Bright and Jack Berkman
Andrew Pistol And Geoffrey Goldstein 19754 300 600 80 Andrew Pistol and Geoffrey Goldstein
Bob Prag  Wendy Newman And Chris Gardner 19755 300 600 80 Bob Prag Wendy Newman and Chris Gardner
Brandon Loures And Tom Schultz 19756 300 600 80 Brandon Loures and Tom Schultz
Bryan Garcia  Ruben Castill And John Kirschbaum 19757 300 600 80 Bryan Garcia Ruben Castill and John Kirschbaum
Chrissy Cabral And April Villa 19758 300 600 80 Chrissy Cabral and April Villa
Dwight Smith And Tony Brito 19759 300 600 80 Dwight Smith and Tony Brito
Ian Stewart And Gil Stewart 19760 300 600 80 Ian Stewart and Gil Stewart
Joey McCarthy  Dokie Williams  Gerald McFadden And David Nichols 19761 300 600 80 Joey McCarthy Dokie Williams Gerald McFadden and David Nichols
Kassim Osgood And Echo Zen 19762 300 600 80 Kassim Osgood and Echo Zen
Ken MacDonald And Shawn Jones 19763 300 600 80 Ken MacDonald and Shawn Jones
Mike Bruch  Laurel Bruch And James Haug 19764 300 600 80 Mike Bruch Laurel Bruch and James Haug
Pete Shaw  Carl Rustin And Micah McFadden 19765 300 600 80 Pete Shaw Carl Rustin and Micah McFadden
Ron Lovell And Pat Harrelson 19766 300 600 80 Ron Lovell and Pat Harrelson
VOA Golf San Diego 19767 300 600 80 VOA Golf San Diego

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