San Diego Paella, Wine & Beer Festival was a celebration of Paella - a dish that comes to us from Spain, with origins dating back to the eighteenth century. Guests enjoyed unlimited tasting paella alongside beer tastings and international wineries. Set next to San Diego Bay, the sunny day was a delight for all in attendance.

Abelardo Rodriguez And Susana Villegas 18170 300 600 80 Abelardo Rodriguez and Susana Villegas
Adriana Bacelis And Veronica Marti 18171 300 600 80 Adriana Bacelis and Veronica Marti
Asociaci  N Gastron  Mica De Paelleros De Ensenada 18172 300 600 80 Asociaci n Gastron mica de Paelleros de Ensenada
Fernando Martinez  Adriana Vega And Jorge Berry 18173 300 600 80 Fernando Martinez Adriana Vega and Jorge Berry
Gabriela Nava  Greg Stavros And Teresita Bazzana 18174 300 600 80 Gabriela Nava Greg Stavros and Teresita Bazzana
Jose Castillo  Rafael Castellanos  Claudia Arzaga And Eddie Cahan 18175 300 600 80 Jose Castillo Rafael Castellanos Claudia Arzaga and Eddie Cahan
Josie Flores Clark And Mayor Ron Morrison 18176 300 600 80 Josie Flores Clark and Mayor Ron Morrison
Juan And Yara Llera 18177 300 600 80 Juan and Yara Llera
Marco Lopez And Alina Baun 18178 300 600 80 Marco Lopez and Alina Baun
Mayra Vasquez  Luis And Monica Montano And Vanesa Leiva 18179 300 600 80 Mayra Vasquez Luis and Monica Montano and Vanesa Leiva
Pedro Villegas  Senator Ben Hueso  Mayor Kevin Faulconer  Armando Rodiel And Mayor Serge Dedina 18180 300 600 80 Pedro Villegas Senator Ben Hueso Mayor Kevin Faulconer Armando Rodiel and Mayor Serge Dedina
Simone Lucy And Angela Titus 18181 300 600 80 Simone Lucy and Angela Titus
Vanessa Rasool And Sara Nally 18182 300 600 80 Vanessa Rasool and Sara Nally

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