The Jewish Federation of San Diego County is no stranger to hosting empowering events and The Men’s Event was no different. As the largest gathering of Jewish men in San Diego, the occasion always features a prominent speaker; this year David Horovitz the Founding Editor of The Times of Israel had that honor. Proceeds supported their local and global initiatives.

Ken And Laurie Polin With Larry Sherman 20763 300 600 80 Ken and Laurie Polin with Larry Sherman
Kevin Tarson  Ben Naman And Adam Scharf 20764 300 600 80 Kevin Tarson Ben Naman and Adam Scharf
Larry And Roger Acheatel  Ira Feinswog And Garry Kornfeld 20765 300 600 80 Larry and Roger Acheatel Ira Feinswog and Garry Kornfeld
Lisa McGuigan  Melissa Chapman And Carly Ezell Lobenstein 20766 300 600 80 Lisa McGuigan Melissa Chapman and Carly Ezell Lobenstein
Michael Aron  Nir Benzvi And Rabbi Jacob Rupp 20767 300 600 80 Michael Aron Nir Benzvi and Rabbi Jacob Rupp
Michael Hopkins  Eli Meltzer And Michael Sonduck   20768 300 600 80 Michael Hopkins Eli Meltzer and Michael Sonduck
Nir Benzvi  Gabriel And Ezra Erle And Meir Singer 20769 300 600 80 Nir Benzvi Gabriel and Ezra Erle and Meir Singer
Rich Effress And Mathew Fink 20770 300 600 80 Rich Effress and Mathew Fink
Tony Gild  Howard Schachat And Anthony Sacks 20771 300 600 80 Tony Gild Howard Schachat and Anthony Sacks
Brett Feuerstin  Jack Maizel And Jonathan Aires 20772 300 600 80 Brett Feuerstin Jack Maizel and Jonathan Aires
Brian Tauber  Rob Fink And Uri Feldman 20773 300 600 80 Brian Tauber Rob Fink and Uri Feldman
Dan Feder And David Michan 20774 300 600 80 Dan Feder and David Michan
Dan Jones  Adam Welland And Brian Haubenstock 20775 300 600 80 Dan Jones Adam Welland and Brian Haubenstock
Darren Schwartz And Steven Schindler 20776 300 600 80 Darren Schwartz and Steven Schindler
David Bramzon  Dena Libman And David Horovitz 20777 300 600 80 David Bramzon Dena Libman and David Horovitz
David Feldman  David Rock And Ben Effress 20778 300 600 80 David Feldman David Rock and Ben Effress
Elliot Scott  Mark Laska  Kobi Koffler And Brandon Grusd 20779 300 600 80 Elliot Scott Mark Laska Kobi Koffler and Brandon Grusd
Ernest Rady  Bob Rubenstein And Selwin Isakow   20780 300 600 80 Ernest Rady Bob Rubenstein and Selwin Isakow
Gary Hirschfeld  Peter Herman  Ron Zollman And Miller Saltzman 20781 300 600 80 Gary Hirschfeld Peter Herman Ron Zollman and Miller Saltzman
Gary Kramer And Raquel Benguiat 20782 300 600 80 Gary Kramer and Raquel Benguiat
Gilad Silverman And Meir Singer 20783 300 600 80 Gilad Silverman and Meir Singer
Gregg Kornfeld  Kevin Wechter And Jim Lewis 20784 300 600 80 Gregg Kornfeld Kevin Wechter and Jim Lewis
Howard Zatkin  Howard First  Tony Gild And Mike Cobb 20785 300 600 80 Howard Zatkin Howard First Tony Gild and Mike Cobb
Jason Lobenstein Benjamin Vinick And Rabbi David Singer 20786 300 600 80 Jason Lobenstein Benjamin Vinick and Rabbi David Singer
Jeremy Van Frank And Jonathan Reinstein 20787 300 600 80 Jeremy Van Frank and Jonathan Reinstein
Jeremy Van Frank  Jonathan Reinstein And Daniel Dajman 20788 300 600 80 Jeremy Van Frank Jonathan Reinstein and Daniel Dajman
Jose Aroeste  Selwin Isakow And Larry Bloch 20789 300 600 80 Jose Aroeste Selwin Isakow and Larry Bloch

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