The Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego “North House” re-opened its doors to eight more families in need of compassion and a home away from home. The touching celebration allowed those in attendance to witness the ribbon cutting and take part in stocking and touring the residence that is now able to provide accommodations to 55 families. The North House was the original home in San Diego that was opened in in 1980!

 MG 6723 18996 300 600 80 MG 6723
Allegra Sonza And Terry Jordan 18997 300 600 80 Allegra Sonza and Terry Jordan
Beth Van Eetveldt And Esther Rodriguez 18998 300 600 80 Beth Van Eetveldt and Esther Rodriguez
Betty Lombrozo And Elisa Jaime 18999 300 600 80 Betty Lombrozo and Elisa Jaime
Brian Cahill  Greg Rogers And Gary Bryant 19000 300 600 80 Brian Cahill Greg Rogers and Gary Bryant
Chuck Day  Connie Hernandez And Steve Ramirez   19001 300 600 80 Chuck Day Connie Hernandez and Steve Ramirez
Jen And Matt Teeter 19002 300 600 80 Jen and Matt Teeter
Theodore  Lara Grimmer  Amelia  Daniel And Janet Grimmer 19003 300 600 80 Theodore Lara Grimmer Amelia Daniel and Janet Grimmer
Tom Starr  Pat Arunangkoon And Federico Gimenez 19004 300 600 80 Tom Starr Pat Arunangkoon and Federico Gimenez
Veronica Nogueira  Alexis Fowler And Angie Lasagna 19005 300 600 80 Veronica Nogueira Alexis Fowler and Angie Lasagna

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