Elegance and fun weren’t the only perfect pair at the Fleet Science Center’s Busting the Myths of Wine event. Guests also enjoyed a spectacular wine and dinner pairing. The event was held in support of the organization’s efforts to make science more accessible. Guests had the opportunity to tour the museum and enjoy the many interactive exhibits making for an exciting and entertaining event.

Busting The Myths Of Wine 22852 300 600 80 Busting the Myths of Wine
Chris LaZich With Cindy And Fritz Hesse 22853 300 600 80 Chris LaZich with Cindy and Fritz Hesse
Christine And Paul Smithers With David And Laurie Sheehan 22854 300 600 80 Christine and Paul Smithers with David and Laurie Sheehan
Denise Briggs With Jim And Randie Sturtevant 22855 300 600 80 Denise Briggs with Jim and Randie Sturtevant
Don And Kathryn Vaughn 22856 300 600 80 Don and Kathryn Vaughn
Durga And Anu Malladi 22857 300 600 80 Durga and Anu Malladi
Elaine Bettencourt  Peter And Bernie Heavey With Tiffany Yarling 22858 300 600 80 Elaine Bettencourt Peter and Bernie Heavey with Tiffany Yarling
Erik And Andrea Caldwell With Candace Graham 22859 300 600 80 Erik and Andrea Caldwell with Candace Graham
Erin Mazzocco And Gregory Smith 22860 300 600 80 Erin Mazzocco and Gregory Smith
Gary And Chris Phillips With Steve And Jennifer Snyder 22861 300 600 80 Gary and Chris Phillips with Steve and Jennifer Snyder
Judy Wheeatley  Judy Moffson And Carol Chang 22862 300 600 80 Judy Wheeatley Judy Moffson and Carol Chang
Kirsten Rone  Holly And Erik Johnson  Greg Morton  Ed Brown And Heidi Morton 22863 300 600 80 Kirsten Rone Holly and Erik Johnson Greg Morton Ed Brown and Heidi Morton
Michael Clark  Michael Gault  Michelle Muller With Bo And Patrick Lee 22864 300 600 80 Michael Clark Michael Gault Michelle Muller with Bo and Patrick Lee
Paul Siborosky  Heather Wilkens And Chris Novak 22865 300 600 80 Paul Siborosky Heather Wilkens and Chris Novak
Shannon Smith And Leslie Deems 22866 300 600 80 Shannon Smith and Leslie Deems
Victoria Hamilton And Jackie Morgner 22867 300 600 80 Victoria Hamilton and Jackie Morgner

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