Monarch School raised over $1 million at their annual fundraiser, Building Bright Futures, to support education and support services for students experiencing homelessness. Event co-chairs Tracy and Trevor Hoffman helped inspire nearly 400 guests and 40 sponsors to surpass a fundraising goal of $500,000. Major support was provided by Presenting Sponsor Major League Baseball along with an Honorary Committee including influential local leaders in education, business, sports and philanthropy.

Jack McGrory And Una Davis 22469 300 600 80 Jack McGrory and Una Davis
Jamie And Tom Starr 22470 300 600 80 Jamie and Tom Starr
Jean Wickersham  Donald Kearns And Lisa Bicker 22471 300 600 80 Jean Wickersham Donald Kearns and Lisa Bicker
Jessie And Andy Green With Tracy And Trevor Hoffman   22472 300 600 80 Jessie and Andy Green with Tracy and Trevor Hoffman
Jim And Mary Harris 22473 300 600 80 Jim and Mary Harris
Josie And Tom Seidler With Megan Jones 22474 300 600 80 Josie and Tom Seidler with Megan Jones
Julianne Markow With Hal And Hilary Dunning 22475 300 600 80 Julianne Markow with Hal and Hilary Dunning
Julie Sauvege  Sid Voorakkara  Erin Spiewak And Shannon Kates 22476 300 600 80 Julie Sauvege Sid Voorakkara Erin Spiewak and Shannon Kates
Kayla Roeder  Bob Jones And Jessica Kalloch 22477 300 600 80 Kayla Roeder Bob Jones and Jessica Kalloch
Lori And Bill Walton 22478 300 600 80 Lori and Bill Walton
Port Comissioner Rafael Castellanos  Mayor Kevin Faulconer And Jeff Martin 22479 300 600 80 Port Comissioner Rafael Castellanos Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Jeff Martin
Rafael Castellanos And Ramon Velasquez 22480 300 600 80 Rafael Castellanos and Ramon Velasquez
Randa Coniglio  Megan Collins And Maddy Kilkenny 22481 300 600 80 Randa Coniglio Megan Collins and Maddy Kilkenny
Ron Fowler And Mayor Kevin Faulconer 22482 300 600 80 Ron Fowler and Mayor Kevin Faulconer
Trevor Hoffman And Cody Martinez 22483 300 600 80 Trevor Hoffman and Cody Martinez
Wendy Lagrange  Molly Eldredge And Tiffany Brown 22484 300 600 80 Wendy Lagrange Molly Eldredge and Tiffany Brown
Ben And Jamie Moraga With Anne Bosanac And Megan Collins 22485 300 600 80 Ben and Jamie Moraga with Anne Bosanac and Megan Collins
Cyndi And Colton Sudberry With Marco And Chelsea Sessa 22486 300 600 80 Cyndi and Colton Sudberry with Marco and Chelsea Sessa
Denise And Bertrand Hug 22487 300 600 80 Denise and Bertrand Hug
Dione Rubio  Noni Senyei With Marty And Ed Vales 22488 300 600 80 Dione Rubio Noni Senyei with Marty and Ed Vales
Heather Scott  Karina Zulino And Rachelle Archer 22489 300 600 80 Heather Scott Karina Zulino and Rachelle Archer

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