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Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) recently hosted an open house at the Campus in Barrio Logan. Guests met the students and heard their stories first hand. They also enjoyed home food, including the best tamales in Southern California, all made by BLCI parents as the students gave tours of the facilities.

Recientemente el BLCI (Barrio Logan College Institute), llevó a cabo un evento de puertas abiertas en el Campus de Barrio Logan. Los invitados pudieron conocer a los estudiantes y escuchar de ellos sus ejemplificadoras historias. También disfrutaron de comida, bebidas y los mejores tamales del sur de California, todo realizado por los padres de los estudiantes de BLCI, mientras estos jóvenes guiaban a los visitantes por las instalaciones.

 BLCI  1  25425 300 600 80 BLCI 1
 Catherine Stiefel And Jose Cruz 25426 300 600 80 Catherine Stiefel and Jose Cruz
 Daniela  Rodrigo Emily And Bruno Guevara 25427 300 600 80 Daniela Rodrigo Emily and Bruno Guevara
 Dave  Hillary And Judy Halter 25428 300 600 80 Dave Hillary and Judy Halter
 Joab Molina  Paula And Alan Wasserman And Alondra Canizales 25429 300 600 80 Joab Molina Paula and Alan Wasserman and Alondra Canizales
 Keith Behner  Molly And Bob Schulze And Norman Bouchard 25430 300 600 80 Keith Behner Molly and Bob Schulze and Norman Bouchard
 Panchito Martinez  Jennifer Winward And Willy Avery 25431 300 600 80 Panchito Martinez Jennifer Winward and Willy Avery
 Vicki And Moises Baron  Jolyn Parker And Jesus Cisneros 25432 300 600 80 Vicki and Moises Baron Jolyn Parker and Jesus Cisneros
 Laritza Quevedo  Miguel Arredondo And Ainhoa Leal 25433 300 600 80 Laritza Quevedo Miguel Arredondo and Ainhoa Leal

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