San Ysidro

An exquisite kickoff for the "Black, White & Bling Bash" to benefit San Ysidro Health Center coming June 24 at the Hotel Del Coronado was held in La Jolla. Guests enjoyed seeing art pieces created by Alexander Salazar while enjoying food from Chef Flor Franco, and wines from Valle de Guadalupe. A caring and committed group of people led by Pat Salas, Dr. Mani, Yolanda S. Walther-Meade and Andie Ezquerro are coming together to ensure continued access to healthcare for underserved patients.

Adah Almutairi  Sandra Alavi And Jocelyn Taylor Marcus 17835 175 125 100 Adah Almutairi Sandra Alavi and Jocelyn Taylor Marcus Anahi Arata  Rita Moore And Yolanda Selene Walther Meade 17836 175 125 100 Anahi Arata Rita Moore and Yolanda Selene Walther Meade Estella Gardinier  Liz Mendoza And Susana Zambrano 17837 175 125 100 Estella Gardinier Liz Mendoza and Susana Zambrano
Philip Fredricksen And Mary Beth Kellee 17838 175 125 100 Philip Fredricksen and Mary Beth Kellee Romie Repec And Michelle Darnelle 17839 175 125 100 Romie Repec and Michelle Darnelle Yocelyn Arias And Luz Elena Gomez 17840 175 125 100 Yocelyn Arias and Luz Elena Gomez
Yocelyn Arias  Marvin Hector Gomez And Luz Elena Gomez 17841 175 125 100 Yocelyn Arias Marvin Hector Gomez and Luz Elena Gomez Yolanda Apalategui  Ana Melgoza And Catalina Valencia 17842 175 125 100 Yolanda Apalategui Ana Melgoza and Catalina Valencia  

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