305 Olp Bethany Hamilton

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is an embodiment of female empowerment, making their event hosting Bethany Hamilton, known for her exceptional surfing abilities and survival of a shark attack, not only appropriate, but iconic. The entire day was filled with events which included opportunities for Q&A, photos, as well as a spiritual event with some of Bethany’s friends and the opportunity to meet her in person.

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Alejandra Diaz Ceballos  Sara Sandi And Gabriela Castillo 20103 300 600 80 Alejandra Diaz Ceballos Sara Sandi and Gabriela Castillo
Anthony  Mary And Elena Ruda 20104 300 600 80 Anthony Mary and Elena Ruda
Ashley And Lisa Burner 20105 300 600 80 Ashley and Lisa Burner
Bethany Hamilton And Lauren Lek 20106 300 600 80 Bethany Hamilton and Lauren Lek
Bryn And Madeira Da Luz 20107 300 600 80 Bryn and Madeira Da Luz
Damian McKinney And Sheri Nasim 20108 300 600 80 Damian McKinney and Sheri Nasim
Jessica And Clare Hooper 20109 300 600 80 Jessica and Clare Hooper
Katherine Hanczor And Emily Devereaux 20110 300 600 80 Katherine Hanczor and Emily Devereaux
Lynn And Haley Schmid 20111 300 600 80 Lynn and Haley Schmid
Melissa Ahrens  Carly Tucker And Marlene Vollbrechthausen 20112 300 600 80 Melissa Ahrens Carly Tucker and Marlene Vollbrechthausen
Perla And Sophia Bagalini 20113 300 600 80 Perla and Sophia Bagalini
Valeria Dominguez  Andrea Deinard And Brigid Hanczor 20114 300 600 80 Valeria Dominguez Andrea Deinard and Brigid Hanczor

Photographed by: Mary Mallucci

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