The FACE Foundation is devoted to helping animals in need and their 8th Annual Bags & Baubles silent auction allowed fellow animal lovers to support a great cause. The event held at a beautiful home in Rancho Santa Fe allowed guests to shop for some new favorite accessories including handbags, jewelry, sunglasses and more. Proceeds from the event helped furry friends requiring emergency care receive the veterinary treatment they need.

Ann Catharin Howard And Aleisha Garrido 22627 300 600 80 Ann Catharin Howard and Aleisha Garrido
Brooke Haggerty And Matt Lescault   Wood 22628 300 600 80 Brooke Haggerty and Matt Lescault Wood
Cini Robb And Danae Davis 22629 300 600 80 Cini Robb and Danae Davis
Corey Cole  Gina Jordan And Tammy Stevenson 22630 300 600 80 Corey Cole Gina Jordan and Tammy Stevenson
Danette Ruggiero And Rosamund Susman 22631 300 600 80 Danette Ruggiero and Rosamund Susman
Daphne Carriaga Sherdan  Kara Curran And Caitlin Bonifay West 22632 300 600 80 Daphne Carriaga Sherdan Kara Curran and Caitlin Bonifay West
Elisa Parker And Lisa Hitt 22633 300 600 80 Elisa Parker and Lisa Hitt
Gail Donahue And Lynne Guidoboni 22634 300 600 80 Gail Donahue and Lynne Guidoboni
Laura Shiomi And Trish Moriarty Harbers 22635 300 600 80 Laura Shiomi and Trish Moriarty Harbers
Laurie Morton And Jayne Ankeney 22636 300 600 80 Laurie Morton and Jayne Ankeney
Laurie Poole And Yvette Huffman 22637 300 600 80 Laurie Poole and Yvette Huffman
Margo Atkins  Susan Muha  Holli Lienau And Janet Lawless Christ 22638 300 600 80 Margo Atkins Susan Muha Holli Lienau and Janet Lawless Christ
Rosalind Loftin And Wesley Adickes 22639 300 600 80 Rosalind Loftin and Wesley Adickes
Skylar Rotgans  Helen Reed And Gail Rotgans 22640 300 600 80 Skylar Rotgans Helen Reed and Gail Rotgans
Sophia Alsadek  Dawn Clark And Missy Cameron 22641 300 600 80 Sophia Alsadek Dawn Clark and Missy Cameron
Vanessa And Marie Green 22642 300 600 80 Vanessa and Marie Green

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