For 63 years, the Art of Fashion Runway Show and Luncheon has been the fashion and charity event that has been the talk of the town, benefitting more than a dozen local charities. This year was no different. In addition to featuring favorite luxury brands, the latest styles from the most coveted fall/winter collections graced the runway before a wonderful afternoon lunch on the lawn.

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Adela Koenig And Carmela Koenig 24453 300 600 80 Adela Koenig and Carmela Koenig
All Smiles 24454 300 600 80 All smiles
Allie DeKock  Jerome Strack And Kathy Reese 24455 300 600 80 Allie DeKock Jerome Strack and Kathy Reese
Becca Craig And Cambra Finch 24456 300 600 80 Becca Craig and Cambra Finch
Caroline Paul And Diamond Connors 24457 300 600 80 Caroline Paul and Diamond Connors
Cynthia Kronemyer And Tamara Lafarga Joseph 24458 300 600 80 Cynthia Kronemyer and Tamara Lafarga Joseph
Genevive Blackwell  Barbara Stolz And Morgana Taylor 24459 300 600 80 Genevive Blackwell Barbara Stolz and Morgana Taylor
Joe Woodruff  Fariba Vafaee  Lara Lee O   Shaughnessy And Les Cross 24460 300 600 80 Joe Woodruff Fariba Vafaee Lara Lee O shaughnessy and Les Cross
Laura Paulson  Sarah Sweet  Melissa Cizauskas And Gianne Brintwood 24461 300 600 80 Laura Paulson Sarah Sweet Melissa Cizauskas and Gianne Brintwood
Marie Shemali And Denise Ekstron 24462 300 600 80 Marie Shemali and Denise Ekstron
Mark Mullen And Catherine Garcia 24463 300 600 80 Mark Mullen and Catherine Garcia
Michele Grust And Erika Kao 24464 300 600 80 Michele Grust and Erika Kao
Nancy Eisenburg And Sandy Raybourne 24465 300 600 80 Nancy Eisenburg and Sandy Raybourne
Nicole D   Andrea And Suzanne Newman 24466 300 600 80 Nicole D Andrea and Suzanne Newman
Sandra Alavi  Pam Marks  Christina Karl And Selma Daniels 24467 300 600 80 Sandra Alavi Pam Marks Christina Karl and Selma Daniels
Sue Pidgeon Mandel And Deb Sims 24468 300 600 80 Sue Pidgeon Mandel and Deb Sims
Supporting The Cause 24469 300 600 80 Supporting the cause
Trina Wiener And Denise Lira 24470 300 600 80 Trina Wiener and Denise Lira
Abeer Hage  Lina Taylor And Karen Hoehn 24471 300 600 80 Abeer Hage Lina Taylor and Karen Hoehn

Photography By: Katie Fisher

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