Sycuan is well known for their far-reaching charitable giving within our community. One of their most cherished philanthropic efforts of the holiday season is their annual Gift Giving Ceremony. The tradition is very special in that each year their leadership team, which includes the Tribal Counsel, personally selects dozens of charities to receive funding.

Brooke Lough  Sam Bonner And Crystal Shaw 20963 300 600 80 Brooke Lough Sam Bonner and Crystal Shaw
Clint August And Lauren Morrow 20964 300 600 80 Clint August and Lauren Morrow
Dan Morales  Robert Bulster And Allyn Boyance 20965 300 600 80 Dan Morales Robert Bulster and Allyn Boyance
Deacon Jim Vargas  Wendy Endsley And Cody Martinez 20966 300 600 80 Deacon Jim Vargas Wendy Endsley and Cody Martinez
Grace Paterno And Stacy Marshall 20967 300 600 80 Grace Paterno and Stacy Marshall
John Nunez  Erin Zlotnik And Wayne Kay 20968 300 600 80 John Nunez Erin Zlotnik and Wayne Kay
Kathleen Daugherty  Maureen Kerr And Tiffany Biquilloud 20969 300 600 80 Kathleen Daugherty Maureen Kerr and Tiffany Biquilloud
Larissa Kerstetter And Tina Muse 20970 300 600 80 Larissa Kerstetter and Tina Muse
Major Mary Norton  Camille McKinnie  Pamela Lennen And Adam Day 20971 300 600 80 Major Mary Norton Camille McKinnie Pamela Lennen and Adam Day
Mindy Collins And Herald John 20972 300 600 80 Mindy Collins and Herald John

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