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The Academy of Our Lady of Peace celebrated its rich 135-year history with their 33rd Annual Gala and Auction: Soir en Noir et Blanc. The black and white event exuded grace and elegance with a night of exquisite beverages and dining. Proceeds of the event supported the school’s tradition of educating girls in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and raised funds for their incredible students and programs.

Andrea And Richard Hafenstein  Christine Lamarca With Joel And Anne Marie Tubao 21834 300 600 80 Andrea and Richard Hafenstein Christine Lamarca with Joel and Anne Marie Tubao
Andrew Tisnado With Megan And Molly Cunningham 21835 300 600 80 Andrew Tisnado with Megan and Molly Cunningham
Benjamin And Caroline Gallagher With Audrey And Miles Lelevier 21836 300 600 80 Benjamin and Caroline Gallagher with Audrey and Miles Lelevier
Bethany And Rob Turner 21837 300 600 80 Bethany and Rob Turner
Bob And Ana Nigs 21838 300 600 80 Bob and Ana Nigs
Caroline Dixon And Alicia Owens 21839 300 600 80 Caroline Dixon and Alicia Owens
Chris Clark  Kaila Weedman With Alicia And Rob Owens 21840 300 600 80 Chris Clark Kaila Weedman with Alicia and Rob Owens
Colleen Daly With Diana And Ted Peas 21841 300 600 80 Colleen Daly with Diana and Ted Peas
Emily Algas And Alexis Gastelum 21842 300 600 80 Emily Algas and Alexis Gastelum
Jamie Hooper With John And Lauren Lek 21843 300 600 80 Jamie Hooper with John and Lauren Lek
Joey Busalacchi And Dulce Aguilar 21844 300 600 80 Joey Busalacchi and Dulce Aguilar
John And Dr. Lauren Lek 21845 300 600 80 John and Dr. Lauren Lek
Julie Coughlin  Amanda Gorman And Stefanie Liddi 21846 300 600 80 Julie Coughlin Amanda Gorman and Stefanie Liddi
Kathy And Dave Smith With Rivka Bent 21847 300 600 80 Kathy and Dave Smith with Rivka Bent
Kevin And Coreen Petti With Michael And Elizabeth Guerrero 21848 300 600 80 Kevin and Coreen Petti with Michael and Elizabeth Guerrero
Kristen Wiggins  Carla Boren And Michele Kalla 21849 300 600 80 Kristen Wiggins Carla Boren and Michele Kalla
Mark And Junie Nechita 21850 300 600 80 Mark and Junie Nechita
Rachel Emerald  Alexandra Holden And Gary Emerald 21851 300 600 80 Rachel Emerald Alexandra Holden and Gary Emerald
Robyn Scherer  Emily Pippin And Zach Hill 21852 300 600 80 Robyn Scherer Emily Pippin and Zach Hill
Susan Antolin And Jamie Flannery 21853 300 600 80 Susan Antolin and Jamie Flannery
Wes And Katrina Cooper 21854 300 600 80 Wes and Katrina Cooper

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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