The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library has a mission to provide library resources in music and the arts through hundreds of programs and events. Supporters of their efforts were in for a treat at their 29th annual gala, themed A Mid Night Summer’s Dream. The unforgettable evening brought Shakespearean fantasy to life with fitting décor, a parade, and much more.

All Smiles 23836 300 600 80 All smiles
Barbara Kjos And John DePuy 23837 300 600 80 Barbara Kjos and John DePuy
Carol Randolph  Pat Judd  And Hillary Kaplan 23838 300 600 80 Carol Randolph Pat Judd and Hillary Kaplan
Debra Waterford  Ralph Lundberg And Ginny Black 23839 300 600 80 Debra Waterford Ralph Lundberg and Ginny Black
Ella  Wyatt  Annina  Barry  Erica  Torri And Fred Raspotnik 23840 300 600 80 Ella Wyatt Annina Barry Erica Torri and Fred Raspotnik
Ellen Phelan  Raul Guerrero And Kelly Sullivan 23841 300 600 80 Ellen Phelan Raul Guerrero and Kelly Sullivan
Joy And Jim Furby 23842 300 600 80 Joy and Jim Furby
Karin Camp And Ira Lubliner 23843 300 600 80 Karin Camp and Ira Lubliner
Katherine And Bob Palmer 23844 300 600 80 Katherine and Bob Palmer
Kathleen Wahab  Jennifer Ornburg  George Wahab And Margaret Jackson 23845 300 600 80 Kathleen Wahab Jennifer Ornburg George Wahab and Margaret Jackson
Mark And Madeline Gartner 23846 300 600 80 Mark and Madeline Gartner
Nicole Hadfield And Jessica Uhrig 23847 300 600 80 Nicole Hadfield and Jessica Uhrig
Al Rubottom And Linda Bertozzi 23848 300 600 80 Al Rubottom and Linda Bertozzi

Photography by: Katie Fisher

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