After 35 years of service, Chief David Bejarano of the Chula Vista Police Department retired. The retirement party or traditional “walkout” was a celebration of Chief Bejarano’s accomplishments and an opportunity to thank him for his dedication to selflessly protecting others. Joined by family, friends, fellow Law Enforcement, and grateful community members, he was deeply honored during the festivities. Police Chiefs and law enforcement officers from all branches and from all over the state were in attendance and culminated with bagpipes, a firetruck ladder and flag, and a San Diego Police Department Helicopter flyby!

Capt. Vern Sallee And Ex. Assistant Chief Todd Jarvis 16753 175 125 100 Capt. Vern Sallee and Ex. Assistant Chief Todd Jarvis Celina Caprio And Sgt. Gino Grippo 16754 175 125 100 Celina Caprio and Sgt. Gino Grippo Cheryl Mitchell And Bonnie Dumanis 16755 175 125 100 Cheryl Mitchell and Bonnie Dumanis
Chief Shelley Zimmerman And Chief David Bejarano 16756 175 125 100 Chief Shelley Zimmerman and Chief David Bejarano Coronado Chief Of Police Jon Froomin And La Mesa Chief Of Police Walt Vasquez 16757 175 125 100 Coronado Chief of Police Jon Froomin and La Mesa Chief of Police Walt Vasquez Espie And Chief David Bejarano With Sheriff Bill Gore 16758 175 125 100 Espie and Chief David Bejarano with Sheriff Bill Gore
IMG 0668 16759 175 125 100 IMG 0668 Lt Don Redmond  Lt Dan Peak  Sgt Scott Adkins And Agent Andrea Mayorga 16760 175 125 100 Lt Don Redmond Lt Dan Peak Sgt Scott Adkins and Agent Andrea Mayorga Pat Sutherland And Pablo Velez 16761 175 125 100 Pat Sutherland and Pablo Velez
Pedro Anaya  Patti Chavez And Council Member Mike Diaz 16762 175 125 100 Pedro Anaya Patti Chavez and Council Member Mike Diaz San Diego Chief Of Police Shelley Zimmerman And Chula Vista Chief Of Police Roxana Kennedy 16763 175 125 100 San Diego Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman and Chula Vista Chief of Police Roxana Kennedy  

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