Urban People Living in Faith and Trust (UPLIFT) recently celebrated 30 years by presenting their 10th annual UPLIFTing Citizens Tribute. The “Share the Spirit” themed event did just that by honoring Dr. Ken Blanchard as well as recognizing local leaders helping the homeless. Attendees also enjoyed a VIP 10 Year Reunion of Past Honorees, a festive dinner and entertainment.

Bob And Janet Schultze 20887 300 600 80 Bob and Janet Schultze
Carol Stachwick And Marsha Berkson 20888 300 600 80 Carol Stachwick and Marsha Berkson
Cinda And Jeff Rodewald 20889 300 600 80 Cinda and Jeff Rodewald
Kristy Gregg  Dee Ammon And Monica Ball 20890 300 600 80 Kristy Gregg Dee Ammon and Monica Ball
Terrie Woods And Beb Mangerich 20891 300 600 80 Terrie Woods and Beb Mangerich

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