Save the date for the 109th Anniversary Charity Ball – Everything’s Coming up Roses and Lollipops on February 10th, 2018. The event has exclusively benefitted Rady Children’s Hospital – San Diego since 1953. This year, the proceeds will fund Rady Children’s Trauma Center, providing crucial services to children in need as the only emergency care center in the region tailored to children. To get ready for this grand event, the committee had a tea and reception.

Bridgett Brown And Alexandra Loker 20447 300 600 80 Bridgett Brown and Alexandra Loker
Cheryl Mitchell And Angie Lasagna 20448 300 600 80 Cheryl Mitchell and Angie Lasagna
Donald Kearns And Steve Jennings 20449 300 600 80 Donald Kearns and Steve Jennings
Ellen Moxham And Fran Golden 20450 300 600 80 Ellen Moxham and Fran Golden
Jane Fetter  Dulie Ahlering And Cheryl Bramley 20451 300 600 80 Jane Fetter Dulie Ahlering and Cheryl Bramley
Julie Connolly  Joy Frye And Gwynn Thomas 20452 300 600 80 Julie Connolly Joy Frye and Gwynn Thomas
Linda Bernsen And Cordelia Mendoza 20453 300 600 80 Linda Bernsen and Cordelia Mendoza
Mary Montgomery And Bonnie Wright 20454 300 600 80 Mary Montgomery and Bonnie Wright
Nancie Geller And Phylicia Cicalo   Aiken 20455 300 600 80 Nancie Geller and Phylicia Cicalo Aiken
Phyllis Parrish  Windie Knoth And Alison Gildred And Karen Miller 20456 300 600 80 Phyllis Parrish Windie Knoth and Alison Gildred and Karen Miller
Phyllis Parrish  Windie Knoth And Alison Gildred 20457 300 600 80 Phyllis Parrish Windie Knoth and Alison Gildred
Roxi Link  Clarice Perkins And Vicki Eddy 20458 300 600 80 Roxi Link Clarice Perkins and Vicki Eddy
Scodie And Bonnie Hage 20459 300 600 80 Scodie and Bonnie Hage
Susan Wilson And Claudia Johnson 20460 300 600 80 Susan Wilson and Claudia Johnson

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