Jolene and Owen Perry hosted a winemaker dinner in North County to benefit Promises2kids. Guests enjoyed culinary delights and tasting various wines throughout an elegant evening. For over 35 years, Promises2Kids has responded to the needs of foster children and provided support to children removed from their home due to abuse and neglect.

Alex And Nora Kaiser  Andy Kaffka And Rene Bjarte 20908 300 600 80 Alex and Nora Kaiser Andy Kaffka and Rene Bjarte
Alexis Willingham  Tracy Ting Lindo  Vanessa Strickland And Phan Kaffka 20909 300 600 80 Alexis Willingham Tracy Ting Lindo Vanessa Strickland and Phan Kaffka
Ernie And Liz Hoffman With Phan Kaffka 20910 300 600 80 Ernie and Liz Hoffman with Phan Kaffka
Harry And Valerie Cooper 20911 300 600 80 Harry and Valerie Cooper
Helle And Jan Brandrup 20912 300 600 80 Helle and Jan Brandrup
Helle Brandrup  Sara Fasoli  Jan Brandrup And Nora Kaiser 20913 300 600 80 Helle Brandrup Sara Fasoli Jan Brandrup and Nora Kaiser
Karla And Tonya Torosian With Sriti Fusillo And Paul Lato 20914 300 600 80 Karla and Tonya Torosian with Sriti Fusillo and Paul Lato
Lauren Brennan  Jolene Perry And Sara Fasoli 20915 300 600 80 Lauren Brennan Jolene Perry and Sara Fasoli
Michael Corbosiero  Deborah Marengo And Tonya Torosian 20916 300 600 80 Michael Corbosiero Deborah Marengo and Tonya Torosian
Owen And Jolene Perry  Karla And Tonya Torosian  Lynda And Rich Kerr 20917 300 600 80 Owen and Jolene Perry Karla and Tonya Torosian Lynda and Rich Kerr
Owen Perry  Liz And Ernie Hoffman With Phan And Andy Kaffka 20918 300 600 80 Owen Perry Liz and Ernie Hoffman with Phan and Andy Kaffka
Steven And Kellee Ybarra 20919 300 600 80 Steven and Kellee Ybarra
Susan Treadgold And Ben Johnson 20920 300 600 80 Susan Treadgold and Ben Johnson

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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