Barrio Logan College Institute strives to empower local students to overcome socio-economic challenges by helping them prepare for college. In the spirit of partnering beauty with education, Katherine Cosmetics generously donated 15 percent of their sales from their holiday campaign and Winward Academy has matched sales to provide a one-for-one payment of an ACT or SAT program for a BLCI student.

Adria Cammeyer And Carol Bienstock 20921 300 600 80 Adria Cammeyer and Carol Bienstock
Alexa And Paola 20922 300 600 80 Alexa and Paola
Bek Jarzombek And Charo Garcia Acevedo 20923 300 600 80 Bek Jarzombek and Charo Garcia Acevedo
Gayle Demsher And Carol Case 20924 300 600 80 Gayle Demsher and Carol Case
Grace And Laura Boyer 20925 300 600 80 Grace and Laura Boyer
Jennifer Winward  Katherine Annie Finch And Barbara Ybarra 20926 300 600 80 Jennifer Winward Katherine Annie Finch and Barbara Ybarra
Kirk Avery And Lindsey Jacobs 20927 300 600 80 Kirk Avery and Lindsey Jacobs
Morgan Guerra  Valentina And Genta Luddy 20928 300 600 80 Morgan Guerra Valentina and Genta Luddy
Willy Avery  Lindsay Laven And Edgar Alaniz 20929 300 600 80 Willy Avery Lindsay Laven and Edgar Alaniz

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