Manchester Birch

The community came together to benefit women’s and newborn health initiatives at the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital Women’s Luncheon. As philanthropic pillars of our community, San Diego developer Papa Doug Manchester & his wife Geniya donated one-million dollars to Sharp Mary Birch Hospital. A portion of the proceeds will be put towards research and development of robotic surgery.

Alexandra Jameson  Geniya Manchester And Stephanie Brown   18402 300 600 80 Alexandra Jameson Geniya Manchester and Stephanie Brown
Ashlyn Doyle And Lynne Doyle 18403 300 600 80 Ashlyn Doyle and Lynne Doyle
Christina Jordan  Trisha Khaleghi And Valerie Robbins 18404 300 600 80 Christina Jordan Trisha Khaleghi and Valerie Robbins
Christina Maggiora  Gillian Copley  Liz Copley And Lynne Wheeler 18405 300 600 80 Christina Maggiora Gillian Copley Liz Copley and Lynne Wheeler
Courtney George  Kitty Blincoe And Betsy Bennis 18406 300 600 80 Courtney George Kitty Blincoe and Betsy Bennis
Dana Alkasmi And Afshin Bahador 18407 300 600 80 Dana Alkasmi and Afshin Bahador
Grace Cherashore And Kathryn Vaughn 18408 300 600 80 Grace Cherashore and Kathryn Vaughn
Irma Penunuri And Elise Davenport 18409 300 600 80 Irma Penunuri and Elise Davenport
Karina Lombroso And Veronica Leff 18410 300 600 80 Karina Lombroso and Veronica Leff
Kem Graham And Gayle Wilson 18411 300 600 80 Kem Graham and Gayle Wilson
Kristi Pieper And Angie Lasagna 18412 300 600 80 Kristi Pieper and Angie Lasagna
Linda Swortwood  Rocio Flynn And Emma Zuckerman 18413 300 600 80 Linda Swortwood Rocio Flynn and Emma Zuckerman
Marjan Daneshmand And MJ Wittman 18414 300 600 80 Marjan Daneshmand and MJ Wittman
Sandy Redman  Dee Ammon  Vicki Eddy And Susan McClellan 18415 300 600 80 Sandy Redman Dee Ammon Vicki Eddy and Susan McClellan
Therese Fazio And Katie Moore 18416 300 600 80 Therese Fazio and Katie Moore

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