Wi Tiffany

Joy Comes Out Of The Blue.

There are presents for loved ones. There are carefully planned surprises. There are thoughtfully crafted lists, and beautifully wrapped gifts. But there is only one box that makes the holiday perfect.

Bracelet In Platinum And 18k Yellow Gold With Baguette  Kite Shaped And Round Brilliant Diamonds  19981 300 600 80 Bracelet in platinum and 18k yellow gold with baguette kite shaped and round brilliant diamonds
Crazy Straw In Rose Vermeil  Sterling Silver And Vermeil With Tiffany Blue Enamel Accent 19982 300 600 80 Crazy straw in rose vermeil sterling silver and vermeil with Tiffany Blue enamel accent
Necklace In Platinum With A 30.50 Carat Oval Pink Tourmaline  16.05 Oval Spessartite And Round Brilliant White Diamonds 19983 300 600 80 Necklace in platinum with a 30.50 carat oval pink tourmaline 16.05 oval spessartite and round brilliant white diamonds
Schlumberger Cooper Bracelet In Platinum And 18k Gold With Diamonds 19984 300 600 80 Schlumberger Cooper bracelet in platinum and 18k gold with diamonds
Schlumberger Seven Leaves Ear Clips In 18k Gold And Platinum With Green Tourmalines And Diamonds 19985 300 600 80 Schlumberger Seven Leaves ear clips in 18k gold and platinum with green tourmalines and diamonds
Table Tennis Paddles In Tiffany Blue And Black Leather And Tiffany Ball 19986 300 600 80 Table tennis paddles in Tiffany Blue and black leather and Tiffany ball
Tiffany East West 2 Hand Watch In Stainless Steel With Diamonds On A Black Alligator Strap 19987 300 600 80 Tiffany East West 2 Hand watch in stainless steel with diamonds on a black alligator strap
Tiffany T Hinged Wrap Bracelet In 18k Gold With Diamonds 19988 300 600 80 Tiffany T hinged wrap bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds
Tiffany T Two Ring In 18k Rose  White And Gold With Diamonds 19989 300 600 80 Tiffany T two ring in 18k rose white and gold with diamonds
Watch In 18k White Gold With Enamel Grande Feu  Mother Of Pearl  Pink Sapphires And Round Brilliant White Diamonds 19990 300 600 80 Watch in 18k white gold with Enamel Grande Feu mother of pearl pink sapphires and round brilliant white diamonds
Yo Yo In Sterling Silver And American Walnut 19991 300 600 80 Yo yo in sterling silver and American walnut

Available at Tiffany & Co. Fashion Valley and Westfield UTC

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