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It is All in the Mind.

This Spring take a breather with a few of these gifts to help you disconnect from a hectic lifestyle and ease stress. Take some time for yourself to be more present and free from distraction.

Acupressure Yoga Mat Anouk Oil Burner Blend Barefoot Yoga
Catherine Oil Blender Headspace App Meditation
quote example The Spiritual Beads Collection 1 The Spiritual Beads Collection 1 3
The Spiritual Beads Collection 2 Zenguin Cups  


Barefoot Yoga - cushions for yoga and meditation www.barefootyoga.com

Headspace App - Learn mediation online when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day. www.headspace.com

Zenguin Cups Set of 4 - Waddle towards Nirvana with the help of small Japanese-style tea cups encouraging smaller sips and peaceful reflection. www.uncommongoods.com

Acupressure Yoga Mat - For both body and mind to help relax and increase energy and circulation. www.acevivi.com

Catherine Oil Burner Blend - This refreshing formulation stills weary minds with soothing citrus aromas. www.aesop.com

Anouk Oil Burner Blend - A careful blend of citrus aromas, enhanced with Bergamot Rind; the perfect antidote to stress and hurriedness. www.aesop.com

The Spiritual Beads Collection – You still look want to look fashionable www.davidyurman.com

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