La Jolla Art Wine Festival

The surf is up and so are the arts for the 8th annual La Jolla Art & Wine Festival. Waves of talent from San Diego and beyond will fill the Village, offering a myriad of activities for art aficionados of all ages. Kids can paint a real car while parents take in an artisanal pint or acquire a work from one of the 150+ artists exhibiting their spectrum of creations. It’s a craft weekend bound to be a colorful splash to enhance the senses!

October 8th & 9th 

Monster Drawing Rally

It’s going to be gigantic. It’s going to be enormous. It’s going to be a Monster Drawing Rally! This enriching cultural event brings together over 100-plus artists from the community to create works changing shifts every hour, and putting them up for sale at only $60 each. Add or start your art collection all while enjoying live music, bevs, and best of all celebrating the tapestry of the pulsating art scene in our region. It’s a fundraiser too so get rallying to Balboa Park’s most happening art spot!

October 14th 

Latin American Food Design Summit

2015 saw Baja’s port town of Ensenada be designated a creative city by UNESCO for its gastronomy. Those desiring to dive deeper than ceviche will find a world of food experts strutting their creations at the 4th Latin American Food Design Conference. Specialists from all around the globe will share their talents with attendees who can enjoy four days of programs, conferences, demos, exhibitions and workshops. Yes, there will be plenty of food to make and taste and sites to visit to further one’s diverse palate to make anyone’s stomach beg for more of Baja’s creative cuisine.

October 19th – 22nd 

La Cenerentola

Angelica is your typical step-daughter who has a brut for a step-father and two selfish and vain step-sisters who make her life nothing but unpleasant. The song she often sings dreaming about a long-ago king who chose a good and innocent bride will soon start to spin into a tumultuous reality. The news has spread that Prince Ramiro is searching for the most beautiful girl in the land to be his princess but his approach to finding her is nothing but normal. An onslaught of disguises, squabbling, mistaken identities and an elegant ball where the fairy tale unravels for this Cinderella whose heart is not only on her sleeve but in everything she does. Godmothers need not apply.

October 22nd, 25th, 28th & 30th 


There’s a lanky ol’ fella named Jack Skellington and he intends on sequestering Christmas once and for all. Against warnings from a lonely ragged doll named Sally whose enamored with Jack, he recruits three conniving kids named Lock, Shock, and Barrel to kidnap jolly Kris Kringle. Further mayhem ensues as Jack notices his mistake when he has to encounter the dreaded Oogie Boogie and return Christmas to normality. Forget 3D because this performance is live and it is all to benefit Red Binacional de Corazones’s Casa del Jardin, which is a refuge for girls and victims of abuse.

October 29th 

Dia De Las Muertes

Whether your beloved ancestors are resting near or far away you need not fear missing honoring them this year. The 21st annual Día de los Muertos Festival in Escondido will have ample and colorful ways to pay tribute to the dearly departed. Create an altar, paint your kids’ faces, buy a handmade charm, and get your hands into some arts and crafts. And if you feel like manifesting spirits, theater, music and dance are in store too. At night’s end if the melancholy is still heavy, grab a ticket for Mexrrissey –Mexico a la Morrissey and sway the blue away into nostalgia.

November 1st


TJ Innovadora Creativa

Food, film, design, gaming, and much, much more are in store for this year’s Tijuana Innovadora Creativa. For eight days over 137 activities with 100+ exhibitors will fill the senses with creative industries, fashion and sustainability are the principal themes of the conference. Along with gastronomy events and a music festival featuring Broadway tunes by the Youth Symphony of Baja California, it is bound to be an orchestral experience.

November 3rd – 10th


San Diego Asian Film Festival

With a spectrum of cinematic offerings, the 17th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival is ready for another exciting year. A world premiere is in tote, awards and parties with stars are in the bag, and it should be a Pacific breeze selecting films fitting for any movie appetite. From across a variety of Asian countries and back to the US, this festival is ready to continue making waves for years to come.

November 3rd – 12th


Seu Jorge

The late rock hero David Bowie had said after listening to Seu Jorge’s version of his own songs, “Had Seu Jorge not recorded my songs acoustically in Portuguese, I would never have heard this new level of beauty which he has imbued them with.” The Brazilian singer and actor who appeared in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou as a singing sailor gives Bowie’s works a new feeling. The special tribute will recreate his set to the Oscar-nominated film, making this voyage a memorable one for your captain’s log, Major Tom.

November 30th


Irving J Gill

It can be said that Irving J. Gill created a new design language within the architecture world, a style we now call modern. Originally, the Chicagoan brought his mid-west influences and merged them with San Diego’s inspirational coasts and canyons, sunlight and shadow. Creating a lasting influence not just in the region, but in America, the San Diego History Center has mounted an unprecedented exhibit honoring Gil’s legacy. Going beyond its Balboa Park site, the Center examines the various layers and chapters of the architect’s life across thirteen institutions. Take in the elucidating power and beauty of Gill’s iconic structures around San Diego and see stylistic simplicity firsthand.

Now – March 31st, 2017


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