Rock N Tacos

One taco. Two tacos. Three tacos. Floor! An emblematic culinary Tijuana delight, tacos, that is a daily must for some while for others, only when one visits our sister city. Whether you like them in a steamy, toasty, or greasy tortilla with choices galore of what to fill them with, the Rock ‘n’ Taco Fest III is putting on all the right ingredients for 2016. Twenty taquerias will be dishing out their best plates and pairing up with craft beer stands along with seven rock bands to get your digestion moving to the next taco. The best guide is your nose, just watch the salsa - some incite mouths for more!

June 11th


San Diego Festival Of Arts

The La Jolla Festival of the Arts is wading down the coast to downtown’s bay for its 30th Anniversary, and renaming it San Diego Festival of the Arts at a new location. The Waterfront Park will now be home to this yearly event that brings regional established and emerging artists in a spectrum of disciplines together. The uniqueness of this festival is also with its giving back engagement with the community. With proceeds benefitting various non-profits over the last three decades, the Festival has raised over $2 million in support of more than 40,000 people with disabilities – a work of art in and of itself!

June 11th & 12th



If London’s Pet Shop Boys electronic music duo are paying attention, and working with, San Diego’s Prayers, we best all pay attention. Within the short time span of their existence, the gentlemen behind Prayers have already seen them play Coachella this past month and now they return to their hometown to give their cholo-goth musical offering to the local element. The altar’s candles will be lit and Dave Parley’s electronic synth sounds will be thumping while frontman Leafar Seyer’s lyrics cut sharper than a blade, are you ready to bleed on the dancefloor?!

June 17th


Gary Sinese

To set off Father’s Day weekend, the Del is gearing up for a giving back rock-n-roll concert in own its backyard. Coronado’s beach will see paratroopers grace the sky and wave the nation’s flag over the island’s sands with a performance by actor and bassist Gary Sinise and his group The Lt. Dan Band. The BBQ and show will be a hot ticket to celebrate the dads in our lives with the tunes to get you grooving from Adele to Wonder, Beatles to Jackson, and a loads more to fill the night to say, “Thanks, Dad!”

June 19th


Jean Lowe

Jean Lowe’s works have often nodded on society’s environment and how humans’ relationship with a sharp satire striking viewers off balance. For Lost Time, Lowe flips through the “pages” derived from created ephemera auction catalogues using a mix of photography of actual and handcrafted realistic items with digitally rendered imagery. The “catalog” images on poly metal, take the long road with humorous subjects like aging, perception and construction of value in tote. The exhibit is a distraction from daily distractions striving to see the spectrum of walls the human species construct avoiding a deeper look at our lives.

June 18th -July 23rd
Opening Reception: June 17th



Poets And Painters

The power of poets and painters propels societies to view not only their environment different but also themselves. Market Creek Amphitheater will be fueled with creatives expelling their craft for their Poets & Painters festival. Spoken word poetry will be driven into competition on the mic as well as graffiti artists showcasing their talents on murals. Live music and DJ’s will get you into the grooving mood of the event along with hands-on workshops with local renowned art makers and creators. Get tagging and check yourself in as this festival has the perfect rhyme and reason for all ages.

June 25th


Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

Along with the Eastern winds, the Orient has brought to the Americas many long-standing traditions, many of which of have been ingrained into U.S. culture since first arriving on its shores. Now, centuries later, Chinese continue to share their art with this continent and Americans have embraced it. Exquisite paintings and calligraphy by U.S. artists from The Chinese Brush Painting Society of San Diego will showcase, recognize and promote the role their artists play in transforming the rich history and evolution of Chinese brush painting.

May 1st – 31st

Bostich Fussible

The unique sounds created by Bostich and Fussible have resounded the world over with their unique blending of Norteño and techno music. Their style really knows no borders and on this Cinco de Mayo they’re splashing up San Diego like no other party in town. The Headquarters will be bumping with great music, tacos, tequila and more with other special guests and surprises. This festivity is sure to resound all the way down back to Mexico so get ready, for this battle will be one for the history books!

May 5th

Garden Festival

Loving the animals at the San Diego Zoo comes naturally but have you ever taken a second look at all things botanical at the park? Get your green thumb into the soil and learn the art of horticulture from the Zoo’s garden experts firsthand during Garden Festival. The grounds’ flora is lush in colors and offer a splendor of plants from around the world for this year’s Flower Power! theme. Activities, entertainment, and animal ambassadors will be at your fingertips to experience the Zoo in a whole other sense; get blooming!

May 9th – 10th 

Space Day Celebration

Ground launch sequencer is go for auto sequence start T-14 days and counting for the launch of the 13th Annual Space Day in Balboa Park. The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s activities span from chatting with space experts, yes, some rocket scientists, driving a Mars Rover, manually inspecting a meteorite, to building and flying paper rockets. Don’t be surprised if an astronaut is part of the celebration along with far-out giveaways. Ground control: innovators of all ages welcome and ready for retro burn at the Park, over.

May 14th

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