Latin American Food Design Summit

2015 saw Baja’s port town of Ensenada be designated a creative city by UNESCO for its gastronomy. Those desiring to dive deeper than ceviche will find a world of food experts strutting their creations at the 4th Latin American Food Design Conference. Specialists from all around the globe will share their talents with attendees who can enjoy four days of programs, conferences, demos, exhibitions and workshops. Yes, there will be plenty of food to make and taste and sites to visit to further one’s diverse palate to make anyone’s stomach beg for more of Baja’s creative cuisine.

October 19th – 22nd 

La Cenerentola

Angelica is your typical step-daughter who has a brut for a step-father and two selfish and vain step-sisters who make her life nothing but unpleasant. The song she often sings dreaming about a long-ago king who chose a good and innocent bride will soon start to spin into a tumultuous reality. The news has spread that Prince Ramiro is searching for the most beautiful girl in the land to be his princess but his approach to finding her is nothing but normal. An onslaught of disguises, squabbling, mistaken identities and an elegant ball where the fairy tale unravels for this Cinderella whose heart is not only on her sleeve but in everything she does. Godmothers need not apply.

October 22nd, 25th, 28th & 30th 


There’s a lanky ol’ fella named Jack Skellington and he intends on sequestering Christmas once and for all. Against warnings from a lonely ragged doll named Sally whose enamored with Jack, he recruits three conniving kids named Lock, Shock, and Barrel to kidnap jolly Kris Kringle. Further mayhem ensues as Jack notices his mistake when he has to encounter the dreaded Oogie Boogie and return Christmas to normality. Forget 3D because this performance is live and it is all to benefit Red Binacional de Corazones’s Casa del Jardin, which is a refuge for girls and victims of abuse.

October 29th 

Horrible Imaginings

Not to sound macabre but it's in the job to cause fright within this column. Get your shakes on in prime time to invite the season of fear in. Give your shivers a twist with MOPA’s Horrible Imaginings Film Festival with all variants of grey-dread from horror, thriller and suspense to fantasy, fiction and enough artful eeriness to keep you crawling back for more. Get in the darkness, San Diego, we can't be America’s finest weather all the time!

September 7th – 11th 

Happening En El Valle

Renowned artists from both Californias, Latin America, and Asia unite for the third installment of Happening En El Valle. Contemporary crafters will showcase their talents via paintings, installations, sculptures, dances, music and much more. Set amidst the vineyards of the undulant hills of El Valle de Guadalupe, there will be plenty of art-making merriment for all ages. No contemporary art fest is complete without regional cuisine and libations, so, get your cultural arts fix in Baja’s wine country!

September 10th 

Brazilian Day San Diego

Hot from the shores of Rio, landing in Mission Beach, comes the unity of tribal spirit that only the annual Brazilian Day San Diego can bring. The Carnaval-feel event will once again dazzle the ever-increasing attendees that join in the festivities. It is everything from samba to capoeira, bossa nova to açaí, and a whole bunch of colorful offerings in between that you’ll be saying “obrigado” in no time.

September 10th 

Gi Film Festival

Telling stories from the trenches to the flight deck can be told in many ways, but film captures a human essence that engages everyone. For its second year, the GI Film Festival shares the experiences of the Unites States of America’s most valiant citizens. Military documentaries, short films, family features along with an awards ceremony and panel discussions bring five days worthy of any rank or class of support for the armed services.

September 14th – 18th 


3 Days. 30+ musical acts. 20 comedic performers. 20 artists. 10 Top chefs. You +1. Sponsored in part by Mercedes Benz of El Cajon, KaaBoo returns for its second edition and all the numbers are adding up for a good time under the sun. With the spectrum of offerings at this year’s festival it will be an easy stroll to get your cultural arts fix in no time. Top international, national, and local musicians, artists, humorists, and kitchen masters will please any diverse palate with over 40 hours of memories to share –get comfy seaside style.

September 16th – 18th 

Film In The Garden

Movies on Mondays at the San Diego Museum of Art are once again aiming to sync flicks with their current exhibits, and it is a perfect shot throughout. Five films will be screened next to the Botanical Gardens so more picnic-packed people can enjoy the showcases. Pack your friends, grab that perfect spot, bring your hors d’oeuvres, don’t forget the wine, and take in some cinema underneath the night sky.

Mondays in August 

Fiestas De La Vendima

From intimate to grand, the August Harvest Festival events are filled to the brim with everything wine. An adventure awaits at every path with a series of tastings at vineyards, concerts under the stars, glamorous galas, divine dinners paired perfectly with wine and a spectrum of other engagements. Take the trails less taken, they may be dirt roads but surprising gems awaits at the end of them.

August 5th – 21st 

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