David Duchovny

The government has released classified information on one of its famous rogue agents: David Duchovny. Few Americans are aware that Mr. X-Files likes to rock, and roll and he’s kicking off his first ever tour in San Diego. In support of his debut album Hell or Highwater, Duchovny and his band are invading cities from coast to coast ready to abduct hearts and minds. The tour kicks off here as it makes its way to NYC so it is best not to miss this pronounced sighting when Duchovny visits the city for a close encounter.

February 12th

Bird Festival

The avian world is about to take residents on a flight to higher grounds during the 2017 San Diego Bird Festival. Trekking out to see our feathered friends in their natural environments, participants will venture out from our coastal wetlands to the desert, and other natural settings, to witness the region’s birds in action. On Sunday, the festival will host a special Family Day where everyone can see up close a variety of animals, beyond birds, along with a host of other activities enough to turn anyone into a birder – get ruffled!

February 23rd – 26th

Carnival Ensenada

The 101st edition of Baja’s biggest festivity is once again making history for its 2017 showcase. Ensenada’s Carnaval brings the citizenry together along with visitors from all over the binational region for a myriad of activities. The parades are not to be missed as much as the endless offerings of renowned food and beverages that will fill any appetite. With programs for kids and concerts during the whole fiesta, there will be enough joy and merriment to last the whole year, so, time to head south for some Mexican heat!

February 23rd – 28th


Composer Jonathan Larson was barely known on Broadway, but even posthumously his work managed to change American theatre’s landscape forever with his original rock musical. To celebrate two decades of the re-imagined La Bohème, RENT is back to loudly defy the odds stacked up against seven artists struggling to reach their dreams without compromising their worth. Faced with fear and uncertainties, they find inspiration within each other while prevailing in their friendship and creativity. The septet knows that the success one has is not rested on luxuries but measured by something even more important: love, what else matters?

January 10th – 15th


La Santa Cecilia

Weaved with the unmistakable threads of cumbia, bossa nova, and boleros, La Santa Cecilia praises in song their Latin influences. Going from serenading passersby in downtown Los Angeles to touring coast to coast, winning a Grammy and collaborations with Elvis Costello to sharing the stage with Pepe Aguilar, the band’s passions keep rising. It is love, struggles, homages and so much more that La Santa Cecilia channels their Mexican heritage infusing their biculturalism with a very present modern touch. Shaking the cadaver is a must, best to do it while alive than being honored during the Day of the Dead.

January 11th


Lunar New Year

He’s cocky but don’t let that fool you because he’s confident, honest, courageous, and very much the life of the party. It is the year of the Rooster and the celebrations are going all weekend long! The Lunar New Year Festival gathers the best from all corners of pan-Asia and brings them to one spot for families to enjoy. Yes, firecrackers will be bountiful but so will dances, drums, martial arts, painting, and of course, authentic Asian food. With the rooster at the helm for 2017 it is sure to be one for the books.

January 20th – 22nd


San Diego Commedy Festival

From the innocent knock-knock jokes, believed to have started with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to more contemporary laughing affairs, the 4th annual San Diego Comedy Festival has a wide variety of humor in stock for everyone. With national touring headliners and uber funny comedians from all over the States, the festival will unfurl an onslaught of hilariousness upon audiences across the city. With past funny folks like Kevin Pollak and others from the humor spectrum, surely, there is a flavor of chuckles for everyone. And if you’re just starting your own routine, fear not, other serious industry guests and speakers will be on hand, and that is no laughing matter!

January 23rd – 29th


San Diego Yoga Festival

Ocean Beach must be NAMA-stoked to be ranked #4 in U.S. cities with the most yoga per capita, and on top of that the city is sunny most of the year. The San Diego Yoga Festival’s yearly gathering brings together yogis from all levels to our golden coast to celebrate this holistic healthy practice. Learn from various techniques from over 100 classes, energy work practices and Shamanic experiences. Professionals offering a spectrum of yoga experiences from yoga with chocolate to chanting and even Michael Jackson yoga. Comfortable for every age, learn the ancient art that has transcended millennia and has transformed millions. Time to get your Om on, c’mon!

January 27th – 30th



For 35 years, Maestro Jose Hernandez has been spreading his Jalisco musical roots, spanning five generations of mariachi lineage across the globe. From Beijing to Manhattan, Mariachi Sol de Mexico have nestled in the hearts of sold-out crowds with their dynamic interpretations of works by Leonard Bernstein, Agustin Lara, Glenn Miller and more. For their San Diego visit, they are bringing a Merry-Achi Christmas program which promises the spirit of the holidays will be in full swing. Warming up to the romanticism, humor, and culture of mariachi music gets one on their heels pronto, and no boots are required!

December 2nd



With the erratic weather as of late, it is hard to say how cold winter will get, but with Gilbert Castellanos and his trumpet it is always a sultry time, guaranteed. As one of the top jazz cats in the world, it is no surprise his repertoire’s influences run the gamut, but Latin flavors have long been part of his spiced mix. Honoring the masters’ works from Puente to Tjader and a dozen others will have all the books at the Central Library flipping their pages. Let Castellanos and his ensemble entertain with an evening of salsa and Afro-Cuban music from one of San Diego’s talented gems.

December 3rd



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