art rock of agesWhat do copious amounts of hairspray, huge guitar solos, hot dancers and big egos have in common? They all came from the 80's! L.A. is the city to be and the Sunset Strip is the where the boulevard of dreams and love lane intersect. It's 1987 and a South Detroit rocker and a small-town hottie fall epically in love in La-La-Land's most legendary rock club. Relive this decade with your teens and confess to them that you too had uninhibited big hair! Rock of Ages is coming to town on their first national tour so start lining-up for front-row seats are the best to headbang!

March 27th – April 1st

art room with a viewThe start of the 1900's ushered in a new age of discovery from the convergence of science and art to amore and passione! In the undulate hills of Tuscany lies freedom and self-expression for English girl Lucy Honeychurch who is about to have her Edwardian conventions turned upside down by the liberated and philosophical George Emerson. Lucy's inhibitions are fueling her desire and this impressionable British maiden is about to see the world with a new yearning heart for self-discovery, and true love. The world premiere musical based on E.M. Forster's novel "A Room with a View" brings to light the regression and constrictions of Victorian Times and shatters them with a kiss. Book soon, Italia awaits!

March 2nd – April 8th

art-TRADICIONES-MUSICALESClassics 4 Kids is welcoming a flavorful south-of-the-border night of music, dance and song of ¡México! Our very own world renowned Mariachi Garibaldi and acclaimed Leyenda Dance Company join for an evening of traditional mariachi mixed with classical richness perfect for a chocolate caliente with the familia. Make it a tradition, music is energy for kids of all ages!

April 22

art-TotemThe profound wonders of our Earth, its ever-gyrating evolution, its scaly creatures big and small, to humankind's mystery of life are set for an experience outta this world! Spring brings Summer and nature's endless splendor exploration is illuminated in Cirque du Soleil's Totem. The sun shines on all living things on land, sky and sea through flightless leaps and physics-defying acrobatic and cosmonautic feats. Science sparks like a Thunderbird and the heartbeat of the world is flooding fast for Totem will spin and seduce all the atoms in your being.

April 25th – May 13th

JEWISH-FILM-FESTIVALNow in its 21st edition, the annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival returns with features that span the globe. Make a date to attend the Berlin Olympics of 1936, partake in an anti-war activist movement of the 50's, meet lovely young lady Anita in Buenos Aires or go behind the scenes of a Chicago South Side night club in the midst of the transformation of rhythm and blues into rock 'n roll. Domestic and foreign, dramas to documentaries, politics to sports and war and triumph; there is something for everyone in the family. You have 11 days to catch a flight of flicks from all over the world, reserve ahead of time and come experience the beauty of this passionate art.

February 10th – 20th

Arts In FocusThe San Diego Latino Film Festival is all grown up this year, 18, and it is ready to set the screen on fire! Going beyond the U.S.A. and Latin America to Spain and even Ireland and Sweden, this year's film selections will take us on a whirlwind of emotions. Eleven days and nights will host over 20,000 festival attendees showcasing 160 films for all ages and tastes. The red carpet will see Latin stars from the screen and TV, celebrated filmmakers, artists, musicians and you of course.

KODO-DRUMMERSThe first rhythm of music we hear is from our mother, an ever-pounding heartbeat of life. Once out into the world we start making our own tempo to the beat of our own drum; Japanese Kodo Drummers beats teem with traditional roots, nature and values rediscovering the taiko, the world's oldest instrument. Used in Shinto ceremonies, Buddhist rituals and acts linking spirits to nature for abundant crops, Kodo drummers now explore the limitless depth and range of their instrument while also learning dance, song, stagecraft and other ancestral instruments. It is a strenuous regimen to become part of this select ensemble, only few apprentices make it but you just have to roll in to downtown. Get your heart pounding; it's the original rhythm of life.

February 11th

CAROUSEL-DU-LOUVRESince its foundation back in 1951, The Arc of San Diego has been providing assistance to residents with intellectual disabilities from children to adults; today it counts with over 2500 recipients. Programs from early instruction for infants to community integration for adults in over 20 locations would not be possible if not with the help of The Jewels of San Diego annual gala.

This year has a new twist in store, Carrousel du Louvre promises to be a fashion runway extravaganza taking you from chic to couture to á la mode this spring. The event chairs have arranged a vogue voyage with a magnificent luncheon, live and silent auction to tantalize your eyes and boutique shopping. Join the Jewels in continuing the belief that those with disabilities have unlimited potential and the right to equality of opportunity.

April 9th

arts-much-adoThe Old Globe Theatre

The 2011 Shakespeare Festival returns this season beginning the Old Globe's 76th year as San Diego's premier theatrical institution. One of the most popular and charming of Shakespeare's comedies, Much Ado About Nothing features Benedick, an arrogant and confirmed bachelor, and Beatrice, his favorite sparring partner. While Beatrice and Benedick hide their infatuation beneath witty barbs, young love blossoms as Hero and Claudio race to the altar. When the wicked Don John conspires to break up the wedding, will false accusations and misunderstandings prevent the young couple's happy ending? Witty wordplay, passionate poetry and clever plots twists make this the perfect romantic evening under the stars

May 29 - Sept. 24


arts_amadeusAmadeus: The Old Globe

The mid-1700's child prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composed over 600 works in his short-lived life during the Enlightenment and his musical influence has endured over time. The Old Globe will resurrect old "Woffie" in the Tony and Acadamy award-winning play and film, respectively, this summer into fall. Between his raw genius, clashes with patronages and mad nocturnal consumption of elicit enticements Amadeus's most mysterious period is brought to life. His work during the bourgeoisie Burgundy court of Austrian Emperor Josef and the palace's house composer Antonio Salieri expose Salieri's choking bitterness towards his new counterpart Mozart. Realizing he is no match for the greatest musical genius of all time Salieri devices plans to bury his inimitable rival. Part biography, part murder-mystery this classic, along with his prolific music will bring you a life in a night into the sheer brilliance of Amadeus.

Now through September 22nd


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