ARTS BLUESSummer might stick around well into September, but if its end gives you the blues then get a little Southern sultriness while giving back to our community. The San Diego Blues Festival returns to the Embarcadero with two stages featuring national and local artists accompanied by gourmet food trucks, local craft brews and wine to cool ya down. Bring your cans of food to donate; it is all for the SD Food Bank so get ready to shake YOUR moneymaker!

September 22nd


ARTS ADAMS AVE2012 witnesses the 31st anniversary of the Adams Avenue Street Fair and it is staying up later than usual! With new extended hours, SoCal's largest free two-day festival is back in Normal Heights with 90 music acts across 7 stages with a diverse line-up of styles, 4 beer gardens, giant carnival rides, fair food galore and specialty arts and crafts. It is blocks of fun so come stuff your soul over a weekend at San Diego's premier street fair for all ages!

September 28th & 29th


art-Paulina RubioPaulina Rubio has gone from being Latin America's "Chica Dorada" (Golden Girl) to now spreading her music across the globe. Paulina has emerged with a new album in Spanish and English spanning dance, pop, rock and ballad; an homage to women with all their greatness and potential. Join her in Baja California during the Harvest Festival of Santo Tomas at their San Gabriel Ranch in Ensenada this summer. See you at the ranch at sundown!

August 4th


ART-Sierra Leone Refugee All-StarsThe rhythms and sounds of Africa have undoubtedly been of influence across a gamut of today’s musical landscape. Present-day conflicts, poverty and hunger are still ongoing battles, but from the shanty towns of West Africa have emerged a group of friends who bring to the forefront their love and passion for making music and sharing it with the world. The gentlemen from the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars return toting a new album to set your feet and hands ablaze. The songs are infectious, the lyrics’ resonance hits your core and the vibes will liberate your mind. Freetown will rise and shine through its music, the weapon of the future!

August 10th 

art-TRADICIONES-MUSICALESClassics 4 Kids is welcoming a flavorful south-of-the-border night of music, dance and song of ¡México! Our very own world renowned Mariachi Garibaldi and acclaimed Leyenda Dance Company join for an evening of traditional mariachi mixed with classical richness perfect for a chocolate caliente with the familia. Make it a tradition, music is energy for kids of all ages!

April 22

art-TotemThe profound wonders of our Earth, its ever-gyrating evolution, its scaly creatures big and small, to humankind's mystery of life are set for an experience outta this world! Spring brings Summer and nature's endless splendor exploration is illuminated in Cirque du Soleil's Totem. The sun shines on all living things on land, sky and sea through flightless leaps and physics-defying acrobatic and cosmonautic feats. Science sparks like a Thunderbird and the heartbeat of the world is flooding fast for Totem will spin and seduce all the atoms in your being.

April 25th – May 13th

art rock of agesWhat do copious amounts of hairspray, huge guitar solos, hot dancers and big egos have in common? They all came from the 80's! L.A. is the city to be and the Sunset Strip is the where the boulevard of dreams and love lane intersect. It's 1987 and a South Detroit rocker and a small-town hottie fall epically in love in La-La-Land's most legendary rock club. Relive this decade with your teens and confess to them that you too had uninhibited big hair! Rock of Ages is coming to town on their first national tour so start lining-up for front-row seats are the best to headbang!

March 27th – April 1st

art room with a viewThe start of the 1900's ushered in a new age of discovery from the convergence of science and art to amore and passione! In the undulate hills of Tuscany lies freedom and self-expression for English girl Lucy Honeychurch who is about to have her Edwardian conventions turned upside down by the liberated and philosophical George Emerson. Lucy's inhibitions are fueling her desire and this impressionable British maiden is about to see the world with a new yearning heart for self-discovery, and true love. The world premiere musical based on E.M. Forster's novel "A Room with a View" brings to light the regression and constrictions of Victorian Times and shatters them with a kiss. Book soon, Italia awaits!

March 2nd – April 8th

art-moby-dickBehind the captain's door aboard the whaling vessel the Perquod is a man obsessed and self-deprived of any enjoyment of beauty. "Death to Moby-Dick!" the maddened Captain Ahab unleashes on the exotic crew of characters relentlessly seeking to exact revenge on the elusive albino whale that took his leg. This is a godless mission, not a hunt, for this seafaring journey for mortal greatness is diseased by the harpoon of obsession pinned between the need for human bonds and the grasp of a wide and diverse world. Herman Melville's 19th century epic meets 21st century opera where traditional staging and multi-media enriched projections mesh in the net of an achingly musical score. No need for a log for the "magnanimity of the sea permits no records." All hands!

February 18th – 26th

art-brazil-carnivalSilver jet take us to Brazil! This spectacular and sultry South American-flavored event turns 20 this year ready for the thumping samba sounds and sexy carioca dancers with non-stop Brazilian music. The capoeira performers will leave you swaying like Rio's beaches as the yearly festival celebrated around the world brings its African-European fusion of spiritual growth and community traditions with fun, feathers and fantasy to downtown. Dance the evening away and discover your simpático side bringing you closer to Brazil and leave you yearning for more música at nights end!

February 18th

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