Samson-and-DelilahOld flames might be easier to rekindle and in the case of Samson, his fire for the Philistine priestess Delilah will lead him to dwell in a blinding earthly hell for giving in, to sin. The strong and ardent Hebrew hero hears the wiles of the temptress, but Delilah is out to conquer more than Samson's heart; she is out to render him powerless of his divine strength. Camille Saint-Saëns' mid-19th century French Romanticist biblical opera returns with a monumental cast, a lush and sensual instrumentation and epic sets enlaced in a splendor of color; a trinity of pure divinity. God is between Heaven and here but love can conquer, or destroy, everything in its kingdom.
February 16th, 19th, 22nd & 24th





art-aidaAmore can appear in the most trying of times and for Tonio, war was his realm where love struck him down triggered by the orphan Marie. Gaetano Donizetti's hilarious comedy, The Daughter of the Regiment will march into town for the start of the San Diego Opera's 48th International Season. This production sees the action moved to the waning days of WWII while retaining its light and graceful comic elements. They say love can be a mystery and in beautiful Marie, there is more than meet eyes.
Jan. 26th & 29th / Feb. 1st & 3rd





art-SUSANA ZABALETAWith attributes in opera, theatre and film, the multi-disciplined Susana Zabaleta will arouse your senses as she, along with our region's own Baja California Orchestra, perform a one-night rendezvous spectacle. The Center for Musical Arts of Baja California's annual fundraising gala promises a tantalizing concert teeming with passion embraced with the force and excellence of the Orchestra. The night will resound beyond the concert hall as this benefit funds the Children's Community Orchestra; ¡Viva la música!

November 10th





art-SAN DIEGO ASIAN FILM FESTIVALNovember moves us closer to the year's end, giving us more reasons to celebrate and 2012 is no exception for the 13th annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. GB Magazine and Pacific Arts Movement are proud to present a cinema party like no other! 140+ film premiers that span the globe, industry panels, filmmakers, actors and yes, parties. Get your cinema festivals rolling; the SDAFF is bound to move your mind!

November 1st - 9th





art-YOSHIMIThe machines are coming for Yoshimi and they want to force their evil ways on her. She is ready for them. Fit, nourished and endless training have prepared her for this epic battle. Des McAnuff takes us on, his trip, inside Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots album that inspired the musical. Displaying an arsenal of multimedia projections, robots and puppetry along with Des' own spin, it will surely be a stellar clash for Yoshimi's confrontation with these evil pink robots!

November 6th – December 16th





art-boldArt and science are have converged in the latest exhibit that examines the vast collection of specimen samples. BOLD (BarcOde Life Database) looks deep into this taxonomic index through the interpretations of Joseph Rossano's sculptures. Diving into our biodiversity, Rossano explores species of sea, land, and air along with the photography of Kyoto Prize laureate Dr. Daniel H. Janzén's caterpillar bio culture in Costa Rica. Bring your digital code-reading smartphones and see your world, intimately, like never before.

Now - February 18th, 2013




art LANG LANG OPUS GALAEastern Europe will meet the Far East at the Symphony's 2012 Gala featuring the premier ambassador of classical music Lang Lang as he performs Pyotr Tchaikovsky's enigmatic composition Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor. In Boston, 137 years ago during, this piece was played for the first time to audiences demanding repeat finales; a dream to Tchaikovsky. To accompany this Euro-Asian night, our own Symphony will precede with another masterful, elegant suite from Sleeping Beauty. A fairy tale affair will take you to a far, far away place in a fabled opus night.

October 6th





art EXPO TEQUILAWhen traditional Mexican cuisine, mariachi music and native dances come together it can only be accompanied by one thing, fine tequila. The gardens of the world-famous Jai Alai Palace will be the site for this year's Tequila expo. The event will bring together top tequilerias from Mexico as guests delight over this spirited beverage. It is a border tradition 12 years in the making just right for savoring, the Revolucion continues, Salud!

October 4th – 10th






art DAVID BYRNE AND ST VINCENTWhen two musical hearts keep missing each other in New York City and a chance encounter leads to a meet, they talk, become co-conspirators and with generous pours of brash and brass, give birth to Love This Giant. David Byrne, pop music's astronaut, and St. Vincent's galactic beauty Annie Clark have been sharing music ideas, lyrical ideas and collaborating in an honest-to-God freeform creation of songs that now blast off in the form of a tour. You are gonna love it, BIG!

October 10th








ARTS AllegianceGeorge Takei's TV & film trajectory is an admirable and iconic one, but many do not know his history as a young Japanese American during WWII in the U.S. where he along with 120,000 others like him were split between family loyalty and allegiance to their country. This world premiere musical tells the epic story, adapted from Mr. Takei's experience, of kinship, love and patriotism during the unjust incarceration of barb-wired internment camps in America at the outbreak of the war. It is an American story not often spoken but with the help of a brilliant cast and crew you will not soon forget this account of one American family during wartime hysteria.

September 7th – October 21st


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