Fiesta Del Sol

Foods. Rock. Reggae. A pre-summer sizzle is heating up Solana Beach for the annual Fiesta Del Sol, and the mix is looking bright. Fletcher Cove sparks up the festival including a spectrum of musicians from across the globe and around the block. Kids can get down with hands-on arts while mom and dad take in a bite and some sips. Plenty for all to soak in under the sun’s rays for this party’s 38th!

May 20th & 21st

Brian Wilson

It’s a farewell with a historic San Diego touch to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beach Boys’ masterpiece, Pet Sounds, and bid it adieu. On the album’s cover, a playful Brian with his family and friend Al, just a normal day at the San Diego Zoo petting paddock feeding goats. Inside Wilson’s mind, a kaleidoscope of music notes cascading down like a magnificent deluge soundscape. Joining him will be his pals Al and Blondie Chaplin along with Brian’s superb band before their Europe trek. It’s a long-play concert and can only be played once every fifty years – this is it.

May 24th


Over 60 paintings and drawings of Columbia’s master modern artist Fernando Botero have made their trek to the land where he found his style and color, Mexico, and are being displayed in Tijuana. His signature exaltation of form and volume of his figures takes viewers on a XXIst Century march-through with Jesus on his way to his crucifixion. The complete collection is an epistle for audiences to conjure and interpret Botero’s discourse and reflect deeply, and with the lightest of hearts. The spiritual alignment with Holy Week is perfectly timed, all beliefs welcome.

Now - June 25th



A coastal cruise to meet the likes of Bugatti, Ferrari, Shelby, and others is revving up to be a gem for their 13th encounter. Bringing together Europe’s and America’s most prestigious names in automobiles, and motorcycles, La Jolla Concours D’Elegance will be teeming with exotic sights. Set above the seaside bluffs, attendees can soak in a myriad of car makes and models, vintage bikes, and enthralling VIP engagements around the town. The edge of the sea awaits with champagne and cuisine to start up the weekend for a promenade with an haute vehicular rendezvous.

April 7th – 9th


Flower Show

Beautiful. Exotic. Dazzling. It is the nation’s ultimate horticultural pageantry under one tent and what better place for it all than the island across the bay. The Coronado Flower Show has been growing since 1922 and every year the sights get ever more tantalizing. Beyond stems strutting their blossoming buds for the floral competition, folks can get down and dirty with cultivation professionals’ lectures, landscape displays, and a garden of earthly delights offering food, wine and beer. Spring is in full floral scent, and it is a family affair perfect for awakening the green thumb in everyone.

April 8th & 9th


De Suess

A family concert carefully curated is getting a sprucing for kindred kids of all ages. With a unique twist to this musical treat, Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches will take on a whole new storybook feat. Pre-concert activities from meet and greets with symphony members to the young musicians’ corner and hands-on instrument fiddling to the night’s unique score paired to Seuss’ narrative is a show like no other. You are invited to this musical suite of compromise, tolerance, and diversity – a perfect mix of morality.

April 23rd



One needs not know any of the eight languages Vieux Farka Touré speaks to understand the language of the blues. With its African roots firmly pulsing through Mali’s virtuoso guitarist, Vieux blends his father Ali’s influences but also Latin music that has propelled him into a true world music star. West Africa meets the West Coast during Vieux’s visit to the States sharing his new album Samba along with songs from his repertoire, and maybe one or two of his father’s legendary songs that are sure to mesmerize.

April 24th


Art Walk

The 33rd edition of Little Italy’s Artwalk is once again closing off streets for the cultural arts to take over! Three packed weekend days will enthrall art connoisseurs of all levels and ages showcasing a spectrum of painters, chiseling sculptors, snapping photographers, jewel crafters, and more. With interactive active arts engagements and fantastic food pairing music and dance performances, there will be expressions for everyone to dabble in.

April 29th – 30th


Festival Of Science And Engineering

A child’s mind is an ever-changing exploration of curiosity and what better way to scratch that itch than at the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering. 10 days packed with a variety of hands-on activities for kids and families including guest speakers and interactive demonstrations. It is all things STEM and more and all to engage and encourage kids to inspire the next generation of innovators.

March 4th – 12th


Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s in the season. It’s in the flowers. It’s in nature’s gifts of pink buds during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Now in its 12th installment, the celebration known as Sakura Matsuri is set to brighten all the senses beyond the petals. Japanese street food, beer and tea, cultural performances and plenty more will abound for the entire family to enjoy the lore of the custom of hanami, rejoicing cherry blossom flowers’ beauty.

March 10th – 12th


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