See, hear and feel the frequency spectrum below 262 Hertz like you’ve never experienced it before. Bass. Whole bands walk and stop at its command. It’s more than just a clef, it’s a compass to the harmony of music. LOW takes visitors to a new level of appreciation, visualization and sensations thanks to SDSU’s music composition professor Dr. Chris Warren and four interactive exhibits. Observe bass frequencies’ dance using H2O, catch your voice’s pitch in pixels, become a basso profundo opera singer, or feel those low tones with a musical product called the Buttkicker. Either way, there will be no missing the profound sound of the bass’ vibrations.

Now – July 31st


Rock Fiesta

Nothing beats getting outta town and hitting the road during spring break, and this year the party is heading to Arizona! A weekend packed with 20 live performances from the most recognized bands in Latin America like Caifanes, Café Tacvba, Kinky, Nortec Collective, Ozomatli, Los Amigos Invisbles and more will descend on Quartzsite, Arizona. It is only 3.5 hours away from San Diego, but catching all these acts in one location can’t be compared when it is at The Rock Capital of the World!

March 17th – 19th



Multi-dimensional artist Quantic’s career as a producer, musician, DJ and selector have taken him all over the world not only to perform but also to learn musical traditions. Whether he’s mixing soul and afrobeat or jazz and cumbia, there is no escaping his contagious grooves. Totting a new album that explores the U.S.A.’s soulful instrumental jazz, Quantic is also bringing along a live band on the road for his Tropical Elevation World Tour 2016 so there will be little to no sitting down as the globe’s rhythms and sounds arrive in Little Italy.

March 30th


Star Trek

With the latest detection of gravitational waves, this next sojourn to the cosmos could be a smooth one. Spanning half a century of the Star Trek universe, fans of the famous TV and movie franchise will be taken on fantastic trip. The Ultimate Voyage fuses a live symphony orchestral scores with footage of shows and films beamed in high definition on a 40-foot wide screen. The galaxy has aligned for this never-before-seen exploration, surely, it’ll ripple through all Trekkies’ hearts.

March 31st


Adriana Louver And Jaime Camil

23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival

by Edwin Rendon

Fantasies are created to evoke desires of a different reality where perfection reigns and happiness last forever. That’s the cause for the agents at Illusions Inc., to make souls void of compassion turn a smile; even, if it’s for a moment.

Sreekanth Chalasani

Science and music are set to take your brain into an environment ideal for its neural circuitry hitting new notes, and nematodes! Deeply woven in his DNA, saxophonist and clarinetist extraordinaire Victor Goines expresses his New Orleans roots lacing every scale with unrelenting melody with his superb jazz quartet. The night’s showcase will also stimulate your brain’s cells between performances with Salk’s neurobiologist Sreekanth Chalasani sharing the latest studies on genes, neurons and neural circuitry in whole animals. Stimulation is guaranteed, how one behaves to it is all in one’s head.

January 24th 

Monterey Jazz Festival

It may be a sextet on stage but the Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour’s musicians are infused with a spectrum of iconic influential names in music. From Gillespie to Hancock, Charles to Wonder, and many more in between, the touring jazzists will continue the legacy of the Festival expanding its boundaries beyond California’s central coast. These “traditional-untraditionalists” mirror their predecessors’ footprints taking on jazz classics and original compositions by its band members. Midon, Payton, Coltrane, Clayton, Sanders and Hutchinson have created waves of sound beyond Monterey, and San Diego is getting ready for their tide.

January 16th 

Coronado Film Festival

A cinema fest village within an isle is perfectly fitting for San Diego’s own crown city to spark off 2016. The inaugural Coronado Island Film Festival is taking over the historic seaside community and they are rolling in Hollywood royalty. Walk, bike, and/or take a ferry during the week’s screenings, panels, parties and celebrity tributes from Orange Avenue down to the The Del’s Beach, it will be all things Coronado. A variety of classics, new movies, documentaries, animation and more are sure to strike all film buffs’ affinities, what’s yours?

January 15th – 18th 


The arts have powerful weapons to awaken our conscience and through camera lenses they can empower audiences to take a stand for justice. For its sixth annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival, MOPA is showcasing features fitting for the present world’s state. A defiant North Korean artist’s narrative of his defection south opens the fest while an FBI counterterrorism informant invites filmmakers to follow his covert efforts without advising his superiors. 18 animated cows are sought whose apparent milk production on a Palestine farm threaten Israel’s national security; true story. The Diplomat hails U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke as told by his son David where peace is key to ending wars. The Black Panthers will also take to the screen and show how radical change came to America. It is reels of real life struggles inside and beyond the U.S. borders and film is making a difference.

January 21st – 24th 


Humayun and Babur, two average guys guarding a supreme architectural edifice, the Taj Mahal, are about to have an existential experience on the eve of its unveiling. Shy of paradise on Earth, the opulent white marble mausoleum representing both an emperor’s love for his deceased wife and the power of his reign is all under the protection of the starring duo. A crisis arises before morning’s light shaking both their faith in God, the empire and one another in this dark comedy.

February 2nd – 28th 

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