Garden Festival

Loving the animals at the San Diego Zoo comes naturally but have you ever taken a second look at all things botanical at the park? Get your green thumb into the soil and learn the art of horticulture from the Zoo’s garden experts firsthand during Garden Festival. The grounds’ flora is lush in colors and offer a splendor of plants from around the world for this year’s Flower Power! theme. Activities, entertainment, and animal ambassadors will be at your fingertips to experience the Zoo in a whole other sense; get blooming!

May 9th – 10th 

Space Day Celebration

Ground launch sequencer is go for auto sequence start T-14 days and counting for the launch of the 13th Annual Space Day in Balboa Park. The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s activities span from chatting with space experts, yes, some rocket scientists, driving a Mars Rover, manually inspecting a meteorite, to building and flying paper rockets. Don’t be surprised if an astronaut is part of the celebration along with far-out giveaways. Ground control: innovators of all ages welcome and ready for retro burn at the Park, over.

May 14th

Haydn Voyages

Aboard the 1898 steam ferryboat Berkeley on San Diego’s harbor, the second installment of Haydn Voyages by The Hausmann Quartet will set the “father of the string quartet” with an unlikely starboard to his port. John Cage, the post-war avant-garde trailblazing composer’s philosophical work, String Quartet in Four Parts, will be coupled with Haydn’s opus 20 series (“Sun”). The two titans will continue to beam their influence on future generations of composers and music fans alike and the Berkeley is ready for this colossal tidal clash.

May 15th



For almost 30 years, Gondwana, one of Latin America’s strongest reggae bands, has played to multitudes of people in concert halls, festivals and intimate settings all over the Americas and beyond. Hitting the road in support of their latest album, Reggae ‘N’ Roll, they’ll be rockin’ downtown with new tracks along with classics that are sure to get everyone in the right state of vibe. With special guests Fayuca’s ska tunes, local dancehall heroes Piracy Conspiracy and DJ Carlos Culture on the turntables it is sure to be a blazin’ night.

May 24th

Mariachi Festival

Mariachi, tacos and tequila: what can be better?! San Diego Mission Federal Credit Union and the University of San Diego are proud to support the 3rd Annual Mariachi Festival for a musical tribute like no other. The first ladies of the genre, Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles will take the stage along with Southwestern College’s Mariachi Garibaldi, while Ballet Folclórico Tierra Caliente fills the stage with the colors of Mexico. The USD Mariachi Toreros will join the benefit concert supporting education and charitable children and youth programs in North County, something that should leave everyone shouting, “arriba, arriba!”

April 3rd




Latin people’s history goes well beyond the Renaissance era. Treasure troves of stories, legends and myths ranging from Baja’s tribe down to Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego’s indigenous inhabitants, surely, it wasn’t always sacrifices and conquests, there had to be laughter in the slaughter. Who best for a comic lesson taking on 500 years of this half of the world’s history than John Leguizamo. Returning for his second Page-to-Stage Workshop performance, Latin History for Dummies will roar through ancient empires to WWII with a ton of hilarious cases in point of Latinos contributions not told in school books. It’s a guaranteed A+ in laughs, don’t be absent for Leguizamo’s class.

April 5th – 7th


It has been 30 years since Argentina’s Los Auténticos Decadentes first hit the music scene with their distinct blend of ska, rock, cumbia and more. The dozen-plus member band has remained a force of fun to be reckoned with at concerts and festivals. Making fans across Latin America, the gents trek north to celebrate their trajectory with the masses who love their infectious tunes. It’s said that once you become a Decadente, you become one for life and membership only requires being authentic.

April 15th


Madama Butterfly

What’s a newlywed Japanese geisha to do when her American naval officer husband, Pinkerton, takes their relationship lightly and gives birth to their child while he returns to America? Cia-Ciao San, or Butterfly, is unaware her spouse sees her as a dalliance and when he visits Nagasaki again, he arrives with his American wife to take his offspring back to the U.S. With her father’s suicide casting on her further broken heart, Butterfly is left choosing between living in disgrace or perish with honor. It is cherry blossom season in Japan and Puccini will flutter in your ears with cutting, passionate chords ready to pierce hearts.

April 16th – 24th


What is now the world-famous San Diego Zoo, was once a motley menagerie of animals left behind after the close of the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition in Balboa Park. If it wasn’t for doctor-brothers Harry and Paul Wegeforth hearing a roar on Park Blvd. the Zoo’s conservation efforts would not exist today. Take a stroll through 100 years of the Zoological Society of San Diego’s family-friendly interactive exhibition of what was to become more than a tourist attraction and a leading conservation organization. Whether you like to monkey around as a zookeeper or go ape on a vintage zoo tour bus ride, they’ll be plenty of tales to learn at the San Diego History Center – swing on by, it’s the Koalifornia thing to do!

Now – January 2017

Flor Garduno

Three powerful suites from Mexican contemporary photographer Flor Garduño, principal themes from her career of work between the Latin America and Europe, are brought together for MOPA’s latest exhibit. Trilogy entails 96 riveting images from Bestiarium, Silent natures, and Fantastic women. Garduno’s black and white photos take viewers on a trek through her playful and contemplative spirit. The spectrum of animals, humans, and nature all enlaced with a gentle rawness, captures all the colors of her travels that will leave visitors struck with an inundation of thoughts of womanhood, our fellow wild animals, and the natural universe that surrounds us. It is an affair for all ages and a most delectable fruit for one’s eyes.

Now – May 29th

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