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Mexico is a juxtaposition upon itself. The never-ending push-and-pull between modernity and tradition is one restless battle and on opposite sides sit Point/Counterpoint. It's the encounter between serenity and chaos where vintage meets tattoos, young embellish the old, and where pain reflects its holy abstraction. Rags and riches are all enshrined in apocalyptic beauty by 19 contemporary Mexican photographers connecting the different ends of the country's spectrum; it's an otherness like no other.

Now - Feb. 11, 2017

Festival Of Paella & Wine

Enjoyment of fine wines is in no short supply at the Vendimia or Harvest Festival as they will be hosting another fabulous event, their Festival of Paella & Wine. Join other wine connoisseurs in the Valle de Guadalupe just south of the border for spectacular paella and even better company.

October 1

Anthenaeum Jazz

Get ready to swing your hips and shuffle your feet to musical stylings inspired by Thelonious Monk. Danilo Pérez with Ben Street and Adam Cruz will perform revitalized music from “Panamonk”, which has been referred to as a “masterpiece” by the New York Times, to celebrate the jazz icon’s 100th birthday.

October 7

Baja Culinary Fest

The irresistible sweet and savory scents will guide foodies through Baja Culinary Fest, a three-day culinary adventure from October 20th to the 22nd, where there will be no shortage of edible masterpieces. With demos, workshops, and virtually endless options, it will be nothing short of a food lover’s utopia.

October 20 – 22

Estamos Aqui

‘The Future Has No Border.’ Near our frontier’s shores to the Texas terrain corralled with Chihuahua, this binational, bilingual, multi-cultural paradigm is like no other in the world. Four photographers: 2 Americans, 1 Dutch, and a Mexican, along with young, regional artists from The AjA Project, take ‘travelers’ in, out, and through the intimate eyes of life along the stretch of 2,000 miles of U.S./Mexico’s shared cultures. It’s a short trip, per se, so pack light, very light because the traversing is heavy.

Now – October 29th

The Apron Forest Festival

If you look close enough beyond the San Diego’s streets, you’ll be able to find the city has its share of great artists. Only few, though, can be considered within the vein of ‘art brut.’ These painters, sculptors, and mixed media crafters work beyond the realms of fine art bringing a great sense of the naïve to their works. It will truly be an ‘outsider’ exhibit from versed creators of modern art highlighting the region’s rawest talent.

September 2nd – October 8th

Sycuans Annual Pow Wow

In close steps nearing its 30th year, the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation is again thundering up the camaraderie. For three straight days, with contests and games spanning from sunrise to sunset, this ceremonious festivity is come one, come all. Elders, teens, women and little ones will vie for cash prizes displaying their ancestral might with songs, dances, drumming, and precise skill to be top of their class. All the elements are aligned and nature’s call for this Pow-Wow only comes once a year.

September 8th – 10th

Brazilian Day San Diego

Literally, on the heels of Brazil’s Independence Day, comes the yearly celebration where everything is yellow, green and blue. Now in its 10th edition, Brazilian Day brings out the best from the shores of Rio, Ipanema, Sao Paulo, and others to San Diego’s coast for the liveliest weekend in the city. Sultry Samba dancers will gleam the carnival parade, capoeira martial artists spin mesmerizing techniques, and food and beverages will be in abundance. There’s beauty at every turn and it comes in the most perfect tans covering every shade for every taste.

September 10th

Miramar Air Show

In paying tribute the country’s forgone veterans, honor is also given to present military personnel, and a most-fitting event is about to take off. The annual Miramar Air Show, the largest of it’s kind in the world, is gearing up to be one for the chronicles. It’s everything aero from screaming jets, star-studded performances, skydiving aerialists, and an arsenal of hands-on opps. A Salute to Vietnam Veterans is the theme for 2017, a reminder forever to pay homage for their sacrifices - they will always fly high.

September 22nd – 24th

Julian Apple Days Festival

Pomologists, unite! Whether you’re an avid apple connoisseur, a dedicated Johnny Appleseed, or a fan of pies, Julian Apple Days has everyone’s name on it. The weekend will be packed with a myriad of activities, flavors, and sights with everything-apple as far as the eye can see. It’s harvest season and all is ripe for this splendid country fest dating back to 1909, giddy up!

September 23rd – 24th

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