Hijas Su Madre

Laughter can de dangerous and in the right doses it can even turn deadly. Confronting her rich hubby’s three lovers, the well-off and elegant wife plots with them the perfect crime for his inheritance. Directed by Mexican actress Ofelia Medina starring a cast of comedic femme fatales, the stage will be set to make the audience an accomplice. Careful though, the last laugh can be yours and these Hijas de su Madre have killer humor.

July 6th

Sounds Like San Diego

It’s the concert with the who’s who of the city’s music community and for its 2017 showcase, a trip back to the 60s local scene returning to the present. Sounds Like San Diego brings out the town’s best musicians including legends spanning beyond SoCal to play tunes from JJ Cale, Switchfoot, Iron Butterfly and many others. So, plug in with the hip and happening crowd, it’s where it’s at, man!

July 8th

Sun And Sea

The nation’s most southwesterly city is also California’s funkiest coastal community. Carrying the theme Pirates in Paradise, IB celebrates its 61st anniversary with their Sun & Sea Festival. The family-oriented event features from world-class to kid’s levels sandcastle competitions, a parade, food, and yes, it will be packed with other offerings perfectly sculpted for a sandy affair.

July 14th & 15th

Festival Of Bells

At the strike of noon on Saturday 16th, five distinct rings will echo across Mission Valley casting away evil and calling the good-spirited to… a garden party with a bishop!? The Festival of Bells commemorates the Mission San Diego’s founding with a weekend for the whole family, including furry, feathered, and cold-blooded members. Bless your animals and nourish your soul with great cuisine, live entertainment, children activities, and dancing are striking all day. The Mission awaits a heavenly tone; the bishop anoints all even the mariachi tunes!

July 16th

Mystery Science Theatre

It’s going to be incredible, undoubtedly amazing, and overall awesome when the crew from MST3K descends its cheesiness onto the 92101 for their first live touring show, ever! A cult-classic of 90s cable TV, the show will feature its creator Joel Hodgson, new host Jonah Heston and his motley robot companions for a spacey weekend escapade of hilariousness at every quasar’s turn. The movie riffing is still real, the test subjects are ready for comedic probing, and the Mystery always true to its past presently – and it is not too different than you or me!

July 21st & 22nd

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

After hitting the music scene with their self-titled debut album, Rodrigo Y Gabriela has unleashed a fury of fans across the globe. The duo’s acoustic guitars thunder with their Mexico City roots’ colliding rock, flamenco, and metal under the cast of night. Shaking the skeleton is part of their spell; leave the scaly serpent-fast fingers of their duets take over, resistance is futile.

July 31st

Mainly Mozart

What young man leaving his teens into adulthood isn’t faced with unemployment, lack of self-esteem, depression and money problems. Much of Wolfgang Amadeus’s prime had already cast its shadow by 17 years old, but that did not stop him from creating some of his finest concertos, sonatas and operas. Mainly Mozart Festival’s 29th edition continues to celebrate the life stages of the Salzburgian prodigy with musical performances and special engagements sure to expand your mind’s border, literally.

June 2nd – 25th


Festival Of The Arts

It’s the art festival with a view at the San Diego Festival of the Arts. Over 200 artists cultivating their work via their respective mediums will shore up and array of creations. To quench that thirst and hunger, some of the city’s finest spots will gather to satisfy all diverse palates. Coupled with live music and a myriad of activities for kids of all ages there’s only a high-caliber experience now in its 29th edition!

June 10th & 11th


Summer Shakespeare

It is a royal affair during the season of sun for the Old Globe’s annual Summer Shakespeare Festival. This year’s stock is hearty with epic political collision with presentations of King Richard II and Hamlet. TV’s House favorite Robert Sean Leonard takes on the ‘divine’ ruler’s crown while artistic director Barry Edelstein brings to life the Prince of Denmark’s most unexpected homecoming from college back to the palace. The monarchy is galloping directly to Balboa Park and they’re totting all things Bard along including some films, question is, will you be or not be…there?!

June 11th – September 10th


Brit Floyd

To honor the 10th studio album forty years after its release, Animals, Brit Floyd will pay true homage to its musical gems and beyond for their Immersion World Tour. Engulfed in and transcending the works by the original London rockers, the tribute recaptures the spectrum of Pink Floyd’s experience. The psychedelic sonics, metaphysical lyrics, mesmerizing light show, and yes, inflatable objects await. Don’t trip, the Brits have landed but they only want to expand minds.

June 19th


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