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Miracle Babies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded to support NICU families. When a baby is born premature or with medical complications, that family’s life changes drastically. Stress becomes a near constant emotion, difficult decisions must be made, and life in the NICU becomes a reality.

This unexpected journey is one that no parent hopes to experience, and often times, something that many families are unprepared for financially. Miracle Babies’s founding purpose is to support these NICU families by providing needs-based financial assistance to low-income families through our Family Assistance Program. By helping to address some of the financial barriers that keep parents away from their new baby (transportation, groceries, and child care costs), we help moms and dads get to and from the NICU more often, increasing rates of breastfeeding and Kangaroo Care, a skin-to-skin practice.

In addition to our direct financial assistance program, we also support NICU families through the distribution of MB Cares Bags. These bags are distributed on a monthly basis to hospitals throughout the county of San Diego and contain items designed to support families during their NICU stays.

Miracle Babies also recognizes the importance of research, in decreasing future preterm births, and works closely with multiple community partners to advance the collective understanding of preterm birth, and design interventions that result in better health outcomes for NICU babies.

We are together for a better beginning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite families with their sick newborns through financial assistance and supportive services and to reduce pregnancy complications through prevention, education and research on a national level.

Miracle Babies’ overarching goals are to:

  • Improve the health of all children, especially the vulnerable
  • Reduce the number of babies in the NICU
  • Improve rates of breastfeeding and Kangaroo Care
  • Drive families and communities to become healthier
  • Reduce the cost of healthcare.

When we intervene and provide key resources during the weeks following a child’s birth, we have the potential to positively impact health outcomes for an entire generation of children, changing the NICU experience from one of fear and helplessness to one of empowerment and positivity.

Our Vision

Preventing admission of newborns to intensive care (NICU) and ensuring every child is given a chance for a healthy life.

Our Values

We pursue our vision and mission with compassionprofessionalism, and integrity in a collaborative respectful environment that empowers passion and balance.


Miracle Babies was founded in 2009 by Dr. Sean Daneshmand, a board certified obstetrician with extensive experience caring for women with high-risk pregnancies, to provide support to families with a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Inspired by his personal experience in the NICU with his daughter Natalie, and having witnessed the struggles that many low-income families face when their baby is admitted to the hospital, Dr. Daneshmand decided to focus the main effort of Miracle Babies on the distribution of direct financial assistance.

While our Family Assistance Program remains our guiding purpose, Miracle Babies has been able to expand into the realm of prevention-focused programs since our founding in 2009. Our Healthy Women Healthy Children program was in effect from 2013 – 2015, servicing over 150 low income women in Southeast San Diego and North County. We hope to continue our focus on prevention through our existing research partnerships with experts in the field.

Since its founding, Miracle Babies has:

  • Provided financial assistance to more than 2,382 NICU families
  • Connected 350 parents via an online family support network
  • Distributed more than 2,373 MB Cares packages

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